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Do as I say, not as I do.
July 1, 2015, 12:38 am
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What are you teaching your kids? Most of us, at some point in our lives heard “Do as I say, not as I do.” I knew a long time before I ever got pregnant that I did not want to be ‘that’ parent! My kid was just over 2 years old when my dad died. His dad and I had already split up, so the two of us took a midnight flight to Texas and arrived the next morning. My mom and brother picked is up at the airport. Before we left I asked Cameron if he was hungry. He shook his head no. We slept the entire flight, so I wasn’t sure of he was tired or really wasn’t hungry, so I asked again. And once again, he shook his head no. His dad and I agreed before he was born, we wouldnt take him to fast food places, but it would be almost an hour before we got to my mom’s house. Not wanting to listen to whining, I explained how long it would be and asked again. He ignored my question with an irritated glare. (At that particular moment, he looked just like his dad!)
Shortly after leaving DFW, you can see the McDonald’s sign off in the distance. Cameron was in the back seat with my mom, and I was in the front, with my brother driving. Cameron hadn’t said anything yet, so they didn’t think he could talk. I heard a gasp out of him. I turned to look. He was pointing at the McDonald’s sign. I promptly started my rant, telling him we weren’t stopping because he said he wasn’t hungry and he would have to wait until we got to grandma’s house. Very loud and clear, he said “MOM! YOU.PISS.ME.OFF!!” Im sure my mouth was wide open, with my brain thinking WTF do I say to that?! My brother and mom were trying not to let him know they were laughing. At that point, all I could do is laugh. I didn’t remember ever saying that, but since he had been between 22/7 and 24/7 in my care for his first 2 years, I couldn’t blame it on anyone else. I’m glad it happened so young, because it reinforced my desire to not be the “do as I say, not as I do” parent.
Throughout the years, I did my best explaining things to Cameron. I want to understand and know ‘why’ things are the way they are and wanted him to know too! He was 3 when I was first diagnosed with melanoma. Since my dad died of kidney cancer and my brother had lifetime amounts of chemo and radiation and a stem cell transplant for lymphoma, I researched alternatives extensively. I knew I would never allow chemo or radiation. When Cameron heard my doctor demand that I see another doctor for surgery, he suggested we run to the car and leave. That’s exactly what we did. My actions taught him to think for himself and make decisions that he believes are in his best interest. There have been times he shared his ideas, I explained a flaw and later got “Mom, you were right”. I’ve rarely, possibly never told him not to do something without explaining why. He has pushed limits and discovered for himself where his limits actually were. He watched me stand up to doctors, teachers, school principals, store managers and even a police officer or two. He saw the passive aggressive side of me too. He saw some of it work and some of it didn’t. I take responsibility for my actions regardless of the outcome.
Through my actions, I taught him to do the same. He’s not “normal”. How could he be, with me as his mom? I am so proud of Cameron for being a quick thinker, using his resources and finding his own ways to accomplish whatever he sets out to do! Sure, there are things I might prefer he do, but I’m living my life and he’s living his.

He put his shoes on after hiking 4 miles and 4,000 elevation - barefoot. I'm guessing it'll be awhile before he does that again!

He put his shoes on after hiking 4 miles and 4,000 elevation – barefoot. I’m guessing it’ll be awhile before he does that again!

Guess what? This doesn’t apply to just our kids. People are always watching us, sometimes making decisions based on what we do instead of thinking for themselves. Large groups of people will follow the actions of someone they look up to.

Are you teaching by example, or expecting your kids and others to “do as you say, not as you do”?

Love, gratitude and blessings,


Surprise Lake – more!
June 29, 2015, 7:12 pm
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For those of you who want to see more, I added about 90 pictures to my facebook page.  Click here



Enhanced Coffee Enema

Several people asked me this week about how I’m doing my enemas now, so instead of texting them all, posting it here made more sense. Without all the details as to why, the ingredients are what they were looking for.

**** Mineral Enema ****
My doctor in Mexico started me on sodium bicarbonate ivs when I got there. I really wanted a different iv, so I asked if I could put baking soda in an enema and do the other iv instead. He agreed. Drinking baking soda will help to alkalize the body, but it also neutralizes stomach acid and inhibits digestion.  Using it rectally also alkalizes the body, but doesn’t interfere with digestion.

1 t Concentrace liquid trace mineral supplement, 2 t sea salt, 1T baking soda,  in 16 oz purified water.

I am usually able to hold it for 30 minutes. Apparently, my body knows it needs it.

I also use this enema when I return from an intense hike or workout, but add 2oz – 4oz ASEA to it.  My recovery time has drastically reduced since I started doing it.

**** Enhanced Coffee Enema **** Organic Enema Coffee

I usually do 2 every day, but sometimes just the mineral enema, followed by one enhanced coffee enema. Recipe will be for one.

3T organic coffee – boiled for 5 minutes, then simmered for 15 minutes in 32 oz water.  Some of the water will boil off, but that’s okay.  We need the space in the jar for the other ingredients. While the coffee is cooling, I add the other ingredients to a quart size mason jar.

1T Hemp seed oil, 1T Flax seed oil, 1T mct oil, 1T sunflower lecithin, 1/2 t powdered vitamin c, 1 capsule “super enzymes”, 1 capsule B100 complex, 1/2 of a 40,000 heat unit cayenne capsule, 1/2 t Concentrace liquid trace mineral supplement.  I strain the coffee through a metal coffee filter and pour into the jar with the rest of the ingredients.  I shake it around as I’m pouring the entire mixture into the Blendtec or Vitamix to get all of the oil and powders off the side of the jar. Blend on medium or higher for about 15 seconds to emulsify the oils with the sunflower lecithin.
My body is deficient in iodine, so I also add 2 drops Atomidine.  Don’t do this if your iodine levels are good.  It can increase your heart rate.  That’s no fun unless you’re wrestling naked with your best friend!

**** Wheat Grass Enema ****

This is mainly for detox, but is loaded with chlorophyll and contains over 90 minerals, including high concentrations of potassium, calcium, magnesium and sodium.  It is densely packed with nutrients and contains 19 amino acids.  Wheat grass juice helps the body to build red blood cells, which carry oxygen to every cell.

I use 2-4 ounces of freshly pressed wheat grass juice in water to 16 ounces.  I’ve been told to do it straight, but it seems like half of it stays in the enema tube, so I add water.

Today’s focus was getting nutrition in the body as much as detoxing.

Let me know if you have questions!

Love, gratitude and blessings


Wiener Friendly Soap

Surprise Lake hike
June 25, 2015, 1:34 am
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Yesterday’s hike was absolutely beautiful!  My recent hiking partner is great about waiting for me when I need to rest.  I have gotten quite efficient at pulling my camera out to find random things to take pictures of, sometimes pretending that’s the reason, not the fact that I actually need to stop to breathe. Yesterday, I found so many things to capture, we rarely had to stop for me to catch my breath.  He’s more prepared than any boyscout I’ve ever met!  We’ve had few things we needed that we couldn’t find in his backpack.  The plan was to leave at 8am, so I had my pack ready the night before. I got up at 6am to do my “alternative cancer treatments” before the hike.  Technically, I should be calling my treatments something else, but I haven’t come up with a name for them.  Since I won’t allow biopsies, the main way I have of knowing if there’s any cancer or not is by how I look and feel. I don’t feel anything, but continuing to do the things I do, makes me feel better whether there’s any cancer or not. He texted me a little before 9, saying his goal was to now leave by 9. His 9:40 text said he was loading the truck.  His 10:20 text said “hitting the road”. I’m not sure which direction he went, because his 11 am arrival at my house should have only taken 20 minutes.  I’m so thankful I had all my drinks in the freezer, so that they weren’t lukewarm when I was ready to drink them.

I’m 38 months into my modified ketogenic diet.  I consume less than 30 grams of carbohydrates per day. Have you ever hiked 10 hours without carbohydrates?  Almost all “hiking” foods are carbohydrates.  It’s not easy to plan, but I’ve been figuring it out.  I made a 32 oz green smoothie. (Wow!  I’m so puffy in that video!)
I also made my fat drink.  I don’t have a video on that yet, but it’s 3T flax seed oil, 3T Hemp seed oil, 3T liquid coconut oil, 3T mct oil, 1T sunflower lecithin, 1t msm and 24 oz water.  I made both drinks before 6:30am, so they were quite frozen by the time we left.  I also made my new favorite egg drink: 9 raw eggs, 1/2 cup peanut butter, 1T sunflower lecithin, 2T liquid coconut oil, 9 drops vanilla stevia, 1T raw cacao and a cup of crushed ice.  YUM!! My version of a chocolate-peanut butter shake. I ended up drinking it before he arrived. Having my body full of fat and protein gets the hike off on a good start.

We arrived at the trailhead at 1pm.  It only took him an hour to get his pack ready to hike.  I ventured off, finding things to take pictures of.



I'm not lifting that lid! Squatting seems like a much better idea!

I’m not lifting that lid! Squatting seems like a much better idea!

Black bears and Grizzly bears?

Black bears and Grizzly bears?

He had several weapons, just in case we met up with a bear, or a cougar or other large kitty. I was probably the only cougar he was going to see on the trail, but being prepared is good as long as I didn’t have to carry the heavy stuff.  I carried the bear spray.  I figure I can telepathically let the bear know I won’t hurt it and suggest it leave us alone. I’d be more afraid of a creepy dude than a bear.

Alpine Lakes Wilderness

There are similarities between many of the hikes I’ve done, but lots of differences too!  This trail isn’t as popular as any of the others I’ve done.  There were only 3 cars in the parking area.  We could hear Surprise creek at the trailhead. It didn’t take long on the trail before it sounded more like a waterfall than just a creek. Just after this sign, we almost walked into a girl and her dog.  One of my coworkers!  It was a fun surprise!  Next, we found a fallen tree over the creek.  The water, the smells, the sounds…incredible!

P1020493 P1020501

Next was a beautiful meadow, complete with creatures that didn’t seem to care we were so close to them.

Bumble Bee P1020520Beautiful butterfly

The trail went back into the forest with overgrown vegetation partially covering the rocks on the trail.  I hadn’t been on a trail like this before, so my shorts and short sleeve shirt weren’t adequate for the thorns and stingie things brushing across my arms and legs.  Nettles are nothing compared to open melanoma lesions, so it wasn’t as bad as the first time I got into them.  28 years ago, shortly after moving to Washington, I went on hike wearing shorts.  I walked thru nettles and thought I was getting stung by Texas fire ants.  I was jumping up and down, slapping my legs, seeing nothing!  I couldn’t figure out what the hell was biting me that I couldn’t see!  I know what they look like now, but if I was going to see the lake, I had to walk thru them. We kept going.  I mumbled “Ow”, every time.  It wasn’t until the hike back that my hiking partner got stung.  His reaction made it seem like the nettles hurt him more than they hurt me.  The hike gains about 3,000 feet elevation in a little over 4 miles, so the waterfall sound is heard on most of the hike. There was a new view at every turn. I took more pictures than you want to see.

P1020557 P1020567

The last mile and a half were much steeper then the rest of the hike. Rocks, tree roots, walking thru creeks…and around a corner…SURPRISE!  The lake!  Surprise Lake

Surprise Lake P1020585

Notice the sun…it was behind the mountain when we got to the lake.  61 degrees, clothes soaked with sweat and about a 10 mph nw wind. I was cold!  We explored a bit, found our own “toilets”, ate and I put on 3 extra top layers and a pair of long thermal pants.  I made the executive decision to head back down the trail instead of going to the other lake or the top. It would be too dark to see the view from the top anyway.

We put bear bells on our packs.  I think they’re mainly for quiet hikers, but we talk so much, bears can probably hear us from 1/4 mile away.  He is really concerned about the animals!  I asked “Isn’t dusk when the big cats come out?”  A little while longer I asked “Do the bear bells sound like cat toys?  Do you think the bear bells will attract cats?” About 20 minutes into our way down, we heard something. He saw something jump from under a tree into the brush.  He screamed. I screamed, then started laughing. Every so often, we heard twigs breaking, possibly under the feet of something. I laughed every time he asked “Did you hear that?”

About an hour down, I wasn’t using my hiking poles. I still had them in my hands, but was holding them back, parallel to the ground.  I kept hearing something behind me.  He was in front of me, because his headlamp was brighter.  I said “STOP! Turn around and shine your light over there!” We stood there looking for anything moving.  The way our lights were shining through a tree on a giant boulder, I thought I was looking at a hyena. The leaves looked like eyes and the shape of the rock with the ground dug out below it seemed so real.  We stood, frozen! I wondered how many hyenas were in the cave under the boulder.  I thought we were in the middle of “The Lion King”! It only took me a few seconds to realize hyenas don’t live in Washington.  Nothing moved, so we continued down the mountain.  About a minute later, I realized my poles were brushing against the vegetation behind me, making me think there was something back there. I quietly laughed to myself, almost hearing his still elevated heart rate.

We continued hearing things in different areas of the forest.  Owls can sound scary in the dark!  Visions of Shaggy and Scooby grabbing onto each other passed through my head.  At one point I heard something loud behind me.  I told him I wasn’t going to look.  Some things are better not seen, right?  If I’m going to get tackled by a mountain lion, I’d rather not see it coming. He got quiet.  Uh-Oh!  What was going thru his head?  I don’t know, but I’m thinking fear and anxiety might attract the critters he was afraid of.  I thought I’d try to be funny and asked “Did I ever tell you one of the reasons why kids hated me growing up?”  He said “No. Why?”  I replied “because I like to tell ghost stories at times like this.”  He didn’t say anything when I laughed. I had already told him about talking to a friend several times after he died, which was a concept he didn’t believe until I gave him the details.  Apparently it wasn’t funny. I asked him about his last workout to get his mind on something different and hopefully get him off of the fear frequency.  We were about 30 minutes from the parking lot.  We continued to talk about daily activities, our next hikes and possibly even panning for gold. Why not?!

I’m hoping my black bear, grizzly bear, cougar, mountain lion, bobcat, lynx, coyote and wolf questions will encourage him to be on time so we don’t have to hike back in the dark next time!

Love, gratitude and blessings!


YouTube viewers
June 24, 2015, 10:22 pm
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WooHoo! My YouTube channel has over 50,000 views! I hope something on there inspires you or makes you laugh! Yesterday’s hike was amazing! Technically, I probably shouldn’t be hiking 4 out of 5 star hikes, but hey, who am I to play it safe?! My latest video is JUST a waterfall. Here it is. I’ll be back with pictures of the hike. P1020534

Surprise Lake Waterfall

Love, gratitude and blessings ~Susan

Conquering Mt Si
May 29, 2015, 12:44 am
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A lot of things have been going on since returning from Mexico. Most good, some bad, but as Dr John Demartini says “Nothing is either bad or good until we make it so.” Some of the “bad” stuff, helps me think more to find solutions. For me, the best way for me to find solutions, is to face something I don’t think I can do. I push myself and when I am successful at completing it, my confidence grows and it’s easier to find those earlier solutions I was looking for.  I was hoping to hike Mailbox Peak today, but once again, they have the road closed Monday thru Friday, possibly throughout the summer.  Instead of going home, I went to Mt Si.  It is an 8 mile hike with 4,000 foot elevation gain.  6 weeks ago, I was coming home from 3 weeks of cancer treatments in Mexico.  A month ago, I was in so much pain, I really didn’t think I would wake up the next morning. I think part of it was being at home by myself and being scared. Not wanting to die alone, the pain seemed to increase. Things have shifted and for some amazing reasons, I’m alive and doing what I can to live, cancer or not!

P1020269Love, gratitude and blessings!


New Car Request to the Ellen Show

10557105_10205009633306541_7465980673093421113_o(1)I believe cancer is related to anger and resentment, but anger is usually preceded by fear. I thought if I faced my 2 biggest fears, heights and flying, I could figure out why the “terminal” cancer hadn’t killed me after 3 years. 3 days after my first tandem jump, a tumor on my leg came out and stuck to the bandage. I decided I had to jump by myself, and make the decision to get out of the plane. My 3rd jump resulted in an L-1 burst fracture. I was told I would never walk again. I’m rebellious! The picture is me on my 38th jump, with my son Cameron making his first jump on his 18th birthday, 11 years after my expiration date. I’m driving a 95 Toyota 4-Runner with over 200,000 miles on it. I bought it before Cameron was born. We’ve transported kayaks, dogs, bikes, hiking and camping gear and who knows what else. It’s been a great car, until a couple years ago, but also, at about 10 miles to the gallon and part time wages, we need a more reliable vehicle.
People think I can use the invisible jet plane, but I can’t find it. (I really AM Wonder Woman!)
It would be really cool if there were a 190 parachute with “After The Expiration Date” across the canopy, in the back of the new car.
Love, gratitude and blessings,


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