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What kind of an expert do I need?
January 11, 2008, 9:29 am
Filed under: alternative treatments, colon cleansing, internal cleansing

I wrote this last week, and wasn’t sure if I wanted it published, but why not?  If you can’t handle gross, skip it. If it embarrasses any of my friends or family…please forgive me…thank you! 

My arm exploded w/6 more spots last week. Seems to be just part of my life.  Maybe this is the last of it!  A doctor told me that there’s no way it’s melanoma, because I would have died 3 years ago if it were.  Funny how back then, the doctors told me I was going to die because I had refused to have it surgically removed.  One of my favorite words…Whatever!  Good news – gross news…I’ve been doing coffee enemas for a year now. My mom even gave them to me every day when I got out of the hospital 1- since the narcotics were preventing me from pooping, and 2-to continue the detox process. This morning, I decided to put 35% food grade hydrogen peroxide in the enema bag with the ozonated water, to see what it would do. Not something I would recommend, but I am the do-it-my-self melanoma science project. I didn’t measure, but put my fingers in the solution to make sure it wasn’t going to burn. Normally, I can hold the coffee 15 minutes or longer, but I could only hold the H2O2 for 3 minutes. It was a powerful dump! Over in 3 seconds! No big deal, until….I looked. There it was, floating, resembling a foot long licorice rope, kinda like a black garden snake. No mistaking it for poop! It was a creature I had never seen before. Oh, yeah – I was screaming and flapping my arms like a little girl.  I’m so thankful it didn’t move or I might have run outside without pants on, trying to get away from it!   Not something to call 911 for – huh? I decided to flush before it did move, so no, I don’t know if it was dead or alive. My naturopath told me to take a picture and another friend asked me if I saved it – he wanted to dissect it. What, on the cutting board in the kitchen with a steak knife? Not!! Maybe I could have put it in a ziploc bag in the freezer next to the tumors and the pet fish I’ve saved. Oh, wait, maybe I should throw them away too. I’m sure the last doctor I saw who told me the liver flukes weren’t liver flukes because they weren’t “diagnosed” by an expert, would tell me it wasn’t a worm unless I had it dissected by a lab. I’ve spent years attempting to prove myself in several areas.  I no longer care to stress myself over what others think.  Plus, if I made it up, pretty good imagination, don’t you think?  So what kind of expert would be able to identify a foot long worm? Since the other medical doctors over the last 2 years have told me the lesions aren’t bacterial, viral or fungal, but none of them know what it is, I don’t think they would be the ones to identify it!  Maybe an exterminator?  I’m ecstatic that it’s no longer in me. What’s scary is that I didn’t know it was there to begin with. Where was it living? How did it stay in my body with all the cleansing I’ve been doing over the last 3 years? Obviously it was “his” time to go – not mine!! So, you think it’s gross? How many are living in you?!