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Free Hugs
September 13, 2009, 11:00 pm
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oct 18, 2009 024

Mukilteo lighthouse just right of Cameron's head

Cameron took a sign reading “FREE HUGS” to the Mukilteo Lighthouse Parade and Festival.  I made the sign, but it was his idea for me to drop him off so he could work the crowd, looking for hugs.  He must have hugged over 200 people.  Later in the day, we saw 2 other teenagers who had taped “FREE HUGS” signs to their shirts.  There was lots of hugging and laughter.  I stood back and watched.  People would approach him, point at the sign and open their arms for a hug.  Someone asked if they could take a picture of me in my WonderWoman outfit with the “free hug” kid.  People who don’t know us, didn’t know he’s my kid.  He was so excited to see what it’s like to make people smile and laugh, with the added benefit of hugs!  He now understands why I AM WonderWoman.  Partly selfish because of the benefits, making people happy, makes me happy!

The fear of rejection will stop most people from ever being a super hero or carrying a “free hugs” sign.  They’re missing out.  Yes people make mean comments.  There are lots more people wanting to be happy than there are sticks in the mud.

He’s my kid.  I’m so blessed! Happy Birthday Cameron!!  I Love you!!!

Love, gratitude and blessings to all!


Raw food and bodybuilding meet!

This  video came at the perfect time!  Yesterday happened because I needed to figure out what I was afraid of.   Just because I’m afraid of something doesn’t mean I’m going to stay away from it!  I don’t need obstacles, but welcome the small challenges because they are the things that allow (well, kinda force) me to grow.  I hope she inspires you too!

Check it out:

September 6, 2009, 9:29 pm
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Back to ho’oponopono…I’m sorry, Please forgive me, Thank you, I love you.  I didn’t just over-react, I totally lost it!  I’m doing everything I know to do to be/stay healthy.  For whatever reason…things still aren’t right.  I’m going back to Mexico for over a week of more treatments.  This is my 4th trip, so it shouldn’t be a big deal.   I’m mostly well, actually I’m probably healthier than anyone I know.  I’m just lucky to know about the cancer to be able to do my best to fix it.  People make fun of what I eat and drink, mostly raw, mostly green.  My water is not just water.  Every day I fill my bottle with half a gallon of steam distilled/ozonated water to take to work.  I drink it plain and use it for my green drinks.  It takes over an hour to “make” half a gallon of water.  When I found that someone had dumped it out before my last 2 drinks, I lost it.  I must have dropped the “f” bomb a dozen times.  I don’t even know the last time I got that mad.  I doubt whoever dumped it had any idea how important it was to me.  I even have filters on my showers, so drinking tap water almost never happens.

I’m so much healthier than the first time I went to Hospital Santa Monica in Mexico.  When I made my reservation in 01/06, I was terrified.  I didn’t know if I would get better.  I didn’t know if I would come home.   I immediately formed emotional bonds with the other patients.  Most were sicker than I was, most of us had been told we were terminal and nothing could be done in our home towns to help us.  My role as encourager showed up the first day I was there.  Finding ways to make them laugh and smile improved my own attitude.  The first week I had a melt down every day after I got back to my room.  The second week, my crybaby sessions were shorter, then I would take walks on the beach.  By the third week, I was determined to win my battle over the cancer.  I went to the gym in the mornings before my iv was put in and walked on the beach every after noon shortly after it was pulled out.   I’ve never been to a place where the people were so compassionate towards each other.   It gave me such a different perspective of so many things.  Most of it  -what I consider- good.

On the other side…all the people I’ve gotten so close to haven’t made it.  Why??  These people who were in the short time I knew them, so loving, so compassionate – wonderful people.

So yes, I’m scared.  Scared to get close to new friends.  Scared to lose again.  Maybe tomorrow I’ll look at the benefits of knowing wonderful people for a short amount of time.  Tonight I’m sad.  Thinking about the great people who I wish were still here.  Including my skydiving pals, 26 in the last 3 years.

For everyone who saw or heard about me losing it today…I’m sorry.  It wasn’t just about water.  It never is.

Love, gratitude and blessings