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New Roof
June 20, 2010, 10:38 pm
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7 months ago, I had no idea how it would happen. I worried about the leaking roof so much it seemed to be making me sick. My insurance was taking care of the damage in the downstairs bedroom, but the roof would be my responsibility. I started calling roofing companies and getting estimates on my days off from work. The only quote under $16,000 was from 2 of the inside painters. They had never done a roof, but wanted to help me. Because I filed chapter 13 bankruptcy a year earlier, I couldn’t have anything on credit. How would I replace my roof without financing it? Even if the painters did it, the materials would still be over $8,000. I felt like I had no solutions. About a month after the original leak, I noticed the lump in my head had returned. Trying not to acknowledge it, I continued to do my daily cancer treatments I’ve been doing for the last several years. The lump in my armpit had also increased in size. So many thoughts went through my head. I thought I was done with the cancer. I had been doing all the right things – I thought. Could just worrying about the roof have caused it to come back? The stress of a problem with no apparent solutions. Could worry be that powerful? I talked to my doctor for the last 5 years, Dr Quintana at Natural Therapies and Spa in Mexico. He asked me to send pictures. I told him there wasn’t anything to see. I did it anyway, not realizing until I saw my breast on the screen that the skin had the “orange peel” look. Almost like a red bumpy rash – again, I had ignored, possibly hoping it would just go away. I knew I had to do more than the 3 hours I do every day already, but again…money was the issue.

I sent a letter to the bankruptcy office, asking them for help. I needed ideas/options I possibly hadn’t thought of. I felt like if I could get the roof taken care of, my body could once again, heal itself. Two days later, my chapter 13 angel called me back. He told me to send the same letter to the roofing companies in the area. He said “someone will replace your roof”. My friend Karla had told me the same thing, but when she said it, I thought to myself “yeah, right”. I started believing it was true. I kept seeing my house with a new roof on it. I kept seeing myself well again. I kept saying to myself “I am so happy and grateful that my house has a new roof…I am so happy and grateful now that my body is 100% healthy” regardless of the current circumstances. All of the details will come later.

The 2 days my roof was being replaced, it was cloudy and rained sporadically. It was dry during the most important time, between taking the old roof off and getting the plywood and waterproof layer on. I was so thankful it was getting done. I still don’t know who donated what. All About Hope organized it. Several companies donated the supplies and the labor. The first day, I barbequed a burger and polish sausage fest on the deck when they were done. I spent all of Friday, making beans, rice and all the makings for tacos. All from scratch. I had never made refried beans, so had to call my hospital family in Mexico for directions. They told me to add chorizo, so off I went to the store to make this the best Mexican feast I could. The workers loved it, especially the salsa. They were muddy from the rain, so we set up a table and ate in the garage. I hugged them all as they left. I followed them to the street, waving as they drove away. I got in my car to move it closer to my driveway. As I pulled up, I looked up at the house. Clouds still filled most of the sky, but had cleared over the house and a giant ray of sunlight was shining down. The “sunshine” in my room looked so happy! My roof had been replaced. It was completely done. I had no idea how it was going to happen, but I believed it would, and now it was done. I was overwhelmed! I cried so hard. I am so thankful! Thank you to everyone who was involved in replacing my roof! I am forever grateful! I love you all!

Love, gratitude and blessings



NO biopsies…NEVER!!!
June 2, 2010, 12:44 am
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Aside from the knowledge I’ve gained, if I knew 10 years ago what I know now, I would never have had the 1st melanoma biopsied! NEVER!!

Why?   Melanoma, like other tumors, spreads when it is cut.  When I brought that up to the nurse at my Dermatologist’s office, she said “It shouldn’t spread that much before we do the 2nd surgery”.  That much?  What could that possibly mean?  How could anyone know how much it will spread after cutting into it?  After breaking an egg yolk, how easy is it to keep it contained?  What’s going to happen to your meringue if you get egg yolk in it?  If the tumor has started growing roots, how long are they?  Which direction do they go?  What happens if the root gets cut?  It spreads.

I believe cutting into the first melanoma is the reason it spread all over my skin and to other organs.   I didn’t know then what I know now.  If I had done nothing, it may have been worse.  I do believe everything happens for a reason.  I believe everything happens when it’s supposed to.  I believe God doesn’t give us more than we can handle – which I’ve been told I took out of context – but if I believe it, I can overcome anything – right?

The cancer industry tells us there’s no cure.  Maybe there isn’t.  I’ve decided to look at it like diabetes.  It’s something I live with.  It’s something I manage.  The things I do, the medical community calls old wives tales or quackery.  The only place on line I’ve found anything about one of my doctors is  He has more success stories than any oncologist I’ve known of.  Barbara Bush’s thank you letter for her alternative cancer treatment was framed beside her picture with the doctor at the hospital I go to.  Good luck finding information that she went to Mexico for cancer treatment. Our medical community would have us believe if we don’t do what they recommend, we will die from the cancer.  They know what they do is only an attempt to buy time.  They know the cancer will come back.  They  will do what they can when it comes back, if they find it in time.

The statistics for recurrent melanoma showed that 99.6% of patients are dead within a year, using the treatments “they” have decided will give you the best chance of survival.  REALLY?  Anyone else find this laugh out loud funny? It blows my mind to see people listening to that advice and following through with a treatment protocol with those odds!  I decided to take a risk!

Side trip…my side yard always had a problem growing grass.  The moss would get so thick I could hardly mow it.  It was green from the street, but there was hardly any grass.  Several years ago, my neighbor dug out the whole side yard.  He brought in top soil, mixed in stuff to give it the right pH and then re-seeded it.  Awesome neighbor, I know!  Gary is my yard angel, sent directly from God!  The grass came up.  It filled in and was looking pretty good by the end of the summer.  By the following spring when it was time to mow again, the moss had already taken over.  2/3 moss, 1/3 grass.  What had happened?  The giant pine tree at the corner of the house.  I didn’t know the pine tree made the ground acidic.  Moss loves the acidic pH. It went wild, once again, taking over the grass.  Aside from making the soil acidic, the tree was supposedly blocking the peek a boo view of the Olympic Mountains and the Sound from the neighbor behind me.  2 years ago I had the tree cut down.  Last year, Gary dug it out and reseeded again.  Guess what?  No moss.  Given the pH it desired, the moss flourished.  By removing the pine tree, the pH changed and was better for the growth of the grass.

My ex said I suck at analogies, but this makes sense to me.  What if the things I’m thinking, eating, drinking, doing…are creating a perfect environment for the cancer to grow like the pine tree did for the moss?  If I change the environment inside my body to be favorable for my healthy cells and my immune system, isn’t that going to give my body a better chance to take care of itself?  We know cancer thrives on sugar – the medical community has known this since they discovered the PET scan.  When given radioactive sugar, the increased metabolic activity of the cancer cells shows up on the scan, showing them where all the cancer is in the body.  I know what causes my blood sugar to go up, so I don’t eat or drink it.  If something is questionable, I check my blood sugar after I eat it.  If it’s too high, whatever it was is no longer going in my mouth.  It’s simple.  I practice thoughts of gratitude, loving myself, saying it like it is – no more getting upset and holding it in, meditating, stretching and working out, feeding my body what it needs, pampering myself, luxurious sleep on my Nikken sleep system, lots of laughing and things that make me happy…still do the other “treatments” too. More about those later.

I don’t regret any of the decisions I made in the past.  The mistakes taught me way more than the easy stuff did.  The first biopsy gave me the original diagnosis.  It was that diagnosis that got me on the greatest self discovery path I could have ever imagined.  Knowing what I do now, I would never have done the first biopsy.  Obviously things would be different.  Not worse, not better, just different.  Someday I’ll explain why I’ll NEVER have another mammogram…and I can tell you why I’ll NEVER have a colonoscopy.  I better go to bed before I start talking about prostates.

Love, gratitude and blessings! ~Susan