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2013 in review
January 14, 2014, 9:58 pm
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The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2013 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

A New York City subway train holds 1,200 people. This blog was viewed about 6,300 times in 2013. If it were a NYC subway train, it would take about 5 trips to carry that many people.

Click here to see the complete report.

I’m excited!  My blog was viewed in 90 countries last year!  I’m so happy and grateful to be making a difference in lives all over the world.  Thank you ALL for your support!
Love, gratitude and blessings!


My Alternative Cancer Treatments

I have done SO much. I’m writing a book about it, but far from being done. I’ve done a lot of emotional work. I believe the cancer shows up after emotional trauma, whether recent or farther back than we can remember, there seems to always be a link.

Major detoxing of thoughts and physical body. PARASITE CLEANSE – I use
I’m currently taking it. I’ve been doing it 3 months every year. I drink APPLE CIDER VINEGAR daily. During my last cancer issue, I mostly fasted on apple cider vinegar and coconut oil. It kept my blood sugar normal and my ketones up. When I took the bandage off my breast, it looked almost normal. 5 days earlier, it looked like I would have a badly deformed nipple.

DRY BRUSHING, BOUNCING ON EXERCISE BALL OR REBOUNDER, FULL BODY VIBRATION MACHINE, MASSAGE, HOT/COLD ALTERNATING SHOWERS – All are to stimulate the lymphatic system. Anytime there’s cancer, there’s a blockage in movement within the body.

OIL PULLING – Many benefits, including detoxing, but for me, more importantly, the gums associated with the teeth where the cancer is – tend to give me problems. Oil pulling has prevented several root canals. I prefer sesame oil, but you can also use sunflower or coconut oil. see

FAR INFRARED SAUNA – Detoxing through the skin. I did 1-2 hours a day, daily in 2006, now 30-60 minutes several times a week.
FAR INFRARED HEAT LAMP – TDP LAMP – Used locally over known tumors

HYPERBARIC CHAMBER – 1 hour/day. I bought mine on eBay. 3-7 days a week since January 2008, depending on how bad the cancer is.

GERSON COFFEE ENEMAS – Directions on my blog or YouTube

There are 4 because I couldn’t figure out how to make one video when i stopped the camera.

HYDROGEN PEROXIDE/OZONE THERAPIES – I’ve gone to a hospital in Mexico for H2O2 iv’s and several ozone therapies. I use an ozone generator to ozonate my water, myself – in my ears, rectal insufflation or vaginal – depending on the problem, olive oil which I use in suppositories and salves for skin issues. We also use H2O2 and ozone in our hot tub instead of chemicals.

SHOWER FILTERS, STEAM DISTILLER, WATER PURIFIER FOR DRINKING AND COOKING WATER – Important to filter out impurities from municipal water. I know nothing about the water where you are, but here, it’s chlorinated and flouridated – neither of which will help your body fight cancer.


IPT was either done with B17 (Laetrile) or Microdose chemo.

MICRODOSE CHEMOTHERAPY – Also at hospital in Mexico. 1/10 of normal chemo dose. I’ve had Dacarbazine, Carboplatin and 5 FU. I didn’t have the “normal” chemo side effects. No side effects that I noticed.

BLOODROOT BLACK SALVE – Details on my website
I purchased it from
The salve is at the bottom of the page – mainly for skin cancer, but I’ve taken tumors out from my breast and abdomen that weren’t on the surface of my skin.

DIET – It has changed as things have changed for me. I’ve done a completely raw diet, which worked great, but I got overconfident, thinking the cancer was under control and the fruit possibly made things worse. I was stressed out at the time, so I don’t know for sure if it was the fruit or the stress. I’ve been doing Elaine’s Ketogenic diet since June of 2012. I was under A LOT of stress last year and had more cancer in 2013 than in the last 6 years combined. I still feel things would be worse without the diet. I’m eating mostly raw, preparing my veggies in the blender with water as opposed to making salads and chewing.

During the last cancer issue, I mostly fasted several days on RAW APPLE CIDER VINEGAR and COCONUT OIL – Major staples in my current diet. When I took the bandage off, it almost looked like nothing had happened. 5 days earlier, it looked like I would have a badly deformed nipple – if it didn’t fall off completely.

FACE MY FEARS – Facing my fears unsuccessfully taught me a lot. Facing them successfully has given me more confidence than anything I’ve ever done!

BE HAPPY!! – Happiness is a choice. I’ve had miserable people in my life try to make me just as miserable as they are. I find things that make me happy and think about that. Be around happy people!

MEDITATE – Learn to relax!

DREAM BOARD – Set and have goals. We HAVE to have something to look forward to!

EXERCISE! – I enjoy hiking, but when the weather isn’t what I want to be hiking in, I’m in the gym or doing something else. Most important, regardless of what it is, move! Our bodies were meant to move. If you can’t get out of bed…SEX!

I’m sure there’s more! Right now, all I can think about is SEX!

Love, gratitude and blessings!

Bloodroot Black Salve to the rescue!
January 5, 2014, 8:10 pm
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Lake Stevens from the caravanHappy New Year! I’m ALIVE!!! Last week I had a lump show up under my nipple and decided to take care of it. At first I thought it was a pimple. I squeezed it. BAD idea! It shot pain down my arm to my fingers and to the center of my chest – thru to my back. Probably not a pimple. Next, I got a sterile needle and poked a significant hole in it. The pain was so intense I thought I was going to pass out. I looked in the mirror. I was white as a sheet. Obviously, another BAD idea. Anyway, since the pain was in the same locations as when most of the skin was missing from my breast back in 2006, I applied bloodroot black salve. I didn’t use the bloodroot black salve back then because I didn’t want to mess up my nipple. Besides, I had all the signs of inflammatory breast cancer back then, so if it was going to take me out, it made sense to die with a pretty, unscathed nipple. It feels like whatever it is, has got legs going below my sternum and down my left arm and it’s all trying to get out of my body thru my nipple. A few nights ago, we walked to the beach. Just the weight of my arm was too much. I had to hold my left arm up with my right hand to slightly control the pain. The pain has greatly decreased today. Blue skies are calling me! I waited until the sun was almost down before going to the airport today, so I wouldn’t be tempted to jump. Trying to land a parachute with only 1 arm probably isn’t a good idea. A challenge, but not a good one!

Love, gratitude and blessings