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Until we meet again
February 26, 2014, 1:10 am
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I’ve written about Dee before.  Although I didn’t remember what today’s date was until I saw posts on Facebook, Dee left this physical world two years ago today.  He and I met at a hospital in Tijuana in March 2010 when we were both there for cancer treatment.  I for recurrent metastatic melanoma and he for lung cancer.  He was the first person I had met who had researched as much as I had on alternative treatments. I was doing most of the things I had learned about, but not everything.  He pushed me to do everything I possibly could.  To this day, when I think about doing something -usually diet related – Dee pops into my head and just says WTF? and tilts his head.  Every time.  I almost always listen.  My weakness is dumpster chocolate…It’s organic dark chocolate, but it did come out of a dumpster.  That’s a story for another time.  When he’s there, I really feel like it’s him, not just a thought of him.  We were at the hospital for 2 weeks together.  We were pretty much side by side from 8am until 2pm and again in the evening for dinner and “movie nights” when Dee would bring his laptop to the dining room.  We watched alternative cancer and nutrition documentaries with the other patients.  It was our mission to help as many people as we could.  The hospital we were at did a great job with patients including teaching home protocol, but Dee and I wanted to reinforce the home protocol and empower the other patients to take responsibility for their health care and do whatever they could to get better.  We talked about doing benefit concerts where his band Sven Gali would perform and Dee and I would speak about healthy living.  That never happened, but I’m still open to it.  Whether it’s Sven Gali or another band or bands, I will speak to any group who wants to hear my message on health, courage, strength, persistence  and LIFE!  I miss Dee, but his determination lives on through me!

Yesterday, Bert and I were talking about a friend he had reconnected with.  His friend wanted to try our new Wiener Friendly Soap   I suggested we meet him for dinner tonight.  Later, we were in the shower, doing what we do and I asked him if his friend wanted his own bar of soap or he wanted to join us in the shower with ours.  I give having fun, laughing and being silly a lot of credit for my well-being during this whole cancer thing.  We are planning a video contest for the soap and were talking and laughing about that too.   Here’s one of my less serious videos.  Don’t click it if you think you’ll be offended.   How to avoid butt sex.

Since my trip to Texas earlier this month, I’ve been remembering more of my dreams.  This morning when I woke up, I remembered short details about last night’s dream, but it got clearer throughout the morning.  Dee, Bert and i were in the bathroom, all naked, in and out of the shower with the camera rolling, trying to make one of our Wiener Friendly Soap videos.  We were all laughing and messing it up…stopping and restarting the camera.  I’ll save the details so I don’t spoil the video.  And no, Dee won’t actually be on the video, he will only be there in spirit. It blew me away when I realized later that today was the day he died 2 years ago.  I think about him a lot, but don’t remember ever dreaming about him.

I remember the pain we were both going thru while we were at the hospital and the 7.2 earthquake on Easter Sunday.  We pushed each other by fighting for ourselves.  I choose to remember the good times.  Thoughts of Dee always bring a smile to my face!

Cherish those you love.  Nobody knows how much sand is left in our hourglass.  Life is good!

Love, gratitude and blessings

~Susan Story

Wiener Friendly Soap
February 24, 2014, 5:02 am
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Freshly cut and stamped Wiener Friendly Soap

Freshly cut and stamped Wiener Friendly Soap

Yay!! I should have been in bed hours ago, but when something’s progressing, sometimes it’s better to keep going until it’s done. With all the alternative treatments, nutrition and other things I do to improve my health, I couldn’t forget the soap!

Before I fall asleep on my keyboard, I just wanted to share the link to our AWESOME new Wiener Friendly Soap. What? you ask… I’ll give you more details later. Either way, go to the site and let me know what you think. Better yet, place an order. I’d love to make a trip to the post office as soon as I get up!

Love, gratitude and blessings

Ground Floor Opportunity

In all my years writing, you’ve never seen me promote the network marketing companies I’m involved with. I can’t tell you why, I don’t know. Several people sent me the same information about a new company that is launching March 1, selling legal cbd products. Straight cbd products don’t have any thc in them, so they’re legal and won’t interfere with a drug test. The higher cbd strains are what people are using for cancer. I’m hoping it will help cancer people, but won’t know for sure until I/we try it. Like I said, it’s in pre-launch mode, so I have no track record with them. If their products are as good as the research, it will really help a lot of people!  Thank you for looking!

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Love, gratitude and blessings


You’re only hurting yourself
February 22, 2014, 12:11 pm
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I had a personal training client who wasn’t getting the results she should have been getting. I had seen her effort during her workouts, seen some of her additional cardio and gone over her food charts countless times, looking for reasons. She had a physical shortly before we started working together. Her doctor said everything looked great. She cried when we took her measurements because nothing had changed the way it should have. Nothing made sense.

I took it personally. It is important to me that my clients are progressing towards their goals. Personal training clients are striving towards mostly physical fitness goals, while my coaching clients are wanting to improve several areas of their lives and my cancer patient clients are all out fighting for their lives. For the cancer patients, they have more of a deadline than the others. Following a protocol is imperative because if it’s not working, it needs to be changed. Doing anything halfway won’t give you the feedback you need to add/take away/alter whatever it is you’re doing. Every moment counts.

Because I’ve been fighting for my own life for so long, I treat all my clients the same. Everyone is held accountable at a very high level. If tight accountability isn’t what someone wants, I’m not the coach for them. My ex used to tell me “Susan, they just want to go to work and talk about their trainer. Don’t worry about their results.” I never listened to him. I only want my clients talking about me if they’re getting results. If they’re not, it’s a waste of time for me and money for them. There are enough people who are willing to do the work…NOW!

Is that you? Are you ready for change and either don’t know how to do it or just need someone to be accountable to?

Back to the personal training client. It took twice. Once when I overheard someone telling her it was nice seeing her at the beach at Ivar’s on Sunday. A light bulb went off in my head, remembering her food chart entry of baked fish, small plain potato and cabbage (Hmmm – was it fried fish and chips and coleslaw? Ivar’s doesn’t serve plain cabbage)
The following week, I saw her at a restaurant eating fettuccine with excess alfredo sauce, cheese bread, more sourdough bread, followed by mud pie and a dish of ice cream.

As many people as I have coached and personal trained with great success, I felt stupid that I had been misled to think her lack of attaining her goal was my fault.

I continue to give all my clients the benefit of the doubt and do everything I can to help them achieve whatever goals they set. If you’re ready for change, call me to schedule a phone appointment and let’s get started. Today is the day!

Love, gratitude and blessings

What are you waiting for?
February 21, 2014, 10:25 pm
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Fifteen years ago, I was working at a jewelry store for the holiday season.  December 16th, a man and his 2 kids were shopping, looking for a Christmas present for mom.  They said they were just looking, so I let them browse.  A few minutes later, the man asked if they could see a specific necklace.  I got it out for them.  The little boy didn’t seem to care either way, but the little girl really liked it.  She was pleading her dad to buy it for mom, telling him all the reasons she would love it.  I was there to answer questions, but I didn’t push either way.  With his daughter still pleading, the man handed the necklace back to me saying “maybe next year.”  I held it in my hand and replied “She could be dead next year.  If you think she’d like it, buy it now.” 

I looked around to see if anyone else heard me.  My coworkers were far enough away I’m sure they didn’t.  I know if anyone had heard me, they would’ve thought it was the rudest thing they had heard all day…maybe ever – especially from a salesperson.  The man was shocked, but the kids didn’t seem to hear me.  I think I was more shocked than he was. I didn’t apologize.  Only because I wasn’t thinking, did I say what I did, but who knows, maybe it made the man think.  It made me think – I still remember it! Maybe it made a difference to him.  Maybe procrastinating is a thing of his past.  He actually thanked me before they left.

Ever since those words came out of my mouth, I’ve held the philosophy that every day is precious.  Every day counts.  For that matter, every second counts.  Skydiving reinforced that.  Nobody knows how much sand they have left in their hourglass.  It could be 80 years.  Today could be their last day.  How many times have we heard people say – when the time is right – when we have a certain amount of money saved – when the kids are out of school – when…   There will always be excuses to wait. 

I’ve been accused of having a bad approach on many occasions.  Bad, good, it’s all relative.  After work that night, I had to rush home, get my suitcase, my kid and head to the airport.  My dad died that morning.  We were going to Dallas to spend time with my family and for my dad’s funeral.  I know my lack of filter was due to my reality that day.  I hope as horrible as my statement sounded, that somehow it made a positive impact on the man I said it to.  I hope it will make a difference for you!


Love, gratitude and blessings



Parenting question?
February 12, 2014, 10:39 pm
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Catching the newcomers up to speed… My dad died from renal cell carcinoma in 1998. My brother is still alive, but was given a very small chance of making it thru a stem cell transplant for non Hodgkin’s lymphoma in 2000. My original melanoma diagnosis was also in 2000, but it spread to my liver and lymphatic system in 2004. Several years later, my mom had a melanoma removed. Many times over the last 10 years, I’ve been told I have very little time left. Sometimes I’ve believed it. The last time was 16 days ago. It has not been a “fun” way to live, but has allowed me to LIVE from a very different perspective.

I parent very differently than my parents or anyone I know. Good or bad….it is what it is. My son Cameron and I have a very different relationship because of the cancer. Again, it is what it is. In 2nd grade, his teacher told me “he daydreams a lot”. In August before school started, he was in the lobby at my doctor’s office when he overheard her yelling at me, telling me because I hadn’t had surgery on the 2 inch melanoma on my butt, that I probably wouldn’t make it through the summer. Did I talk to him about daydreaming? Sure. Did I scold him for it? Absolutely NOT! He said the teacher kept talking about the same things and he was bored. I remembered all the repetition in school and would prefer he dream about bigger and better things than to be bored going around in circles waiting for his classmates to understand the lessons.

In 3rd grade, he read all of the Harry Potter books. I have now, but I hadn’t read one book that size, all through school.
In 4th grade, he started what our school district calls the “Summit” program or the “highly capable program”.  If it sounds like I’m bragging, of course I am!   I think very highly of him! Many parents took their children out of the program in middle school, because it was held in a school with a high crime rate in a much lower income bracket than the rest of the schools. I felt like it was a good thing for him to potentially be exposed to drugs and violence. See…probably not a parental view many people have. I wanted him to learn the ways of the world as early as possible. Many children in the school district rarely see poverty and have no idea what to watch for when there’s about to be a knife fight. Luckily after his first year there, the police department brought in a full time police officer.

In 9th grade, he was getting an F in English. They had a student led discussion about a book they had just finished. Cameron led the entire class period. His teach emailed me that day, asking my permission to move him into honors English. She stated that he was obviously bored and needed the challenge the honors class would provide. It was 6 weeks into the class and he would have to take his F with him. He got his final grade in honors Engilsh up to a B.

Okay, I’m getting to the point. Cameron has all 3 years of high school math he needs to graduate. He’s taking a algebra 2/trig honors now, but doesn’t feel like he’s learning enough to stay in it. It’s the identical book and material as last year’s algebra 2/trig class. More repetition. He still needs an “occupational” class to graduate. There is room for another student in the class he wants. Next year, he will be taking most of his classes at the community college. Because most of my money has been going to my alternative cancer treatments, Cameron is not the typical car driving high school student. He is doing way better than his dad or I did in high school, so I’m not complaining. Not being allowed to take the occupational class, will provide a hardship getting him to the high school and to the community college.

Cameron met with the principal this morning. He was told it was against policy and would not be allowed to switch classes. He was also told if he dropped the math class, he would receive an F, which would affect his gpa. The principal gave Cameron his phone number in case I wanted to call him.

Big mama was pissed and a phone number wasn’t good enough. I drove up there. The principal seemed very pleasant, not knowing who I was or why I was there. He showed me to his office. I was also pleasant…for about a minute. Shortly after he began justifying his decision with “it’s our policy”, I quickly interrupted, reminding him they had already broken that policy in 9th grade when they switched him into honors English. I read their mission statement on the wall “Working together to build a culture of student success.” He wasn’t budging. I told him he obviously didn’t give a shit about the success of my child. He couldn’t handle the word shit. I got a little worse and essentially called him a moron. (Way toned down from what I was thinking!) I could have left out these details, making myself look like a “proper” parent, but that’s not me.

The principal got up, told me we were done, touched my chair as if he were going to help me up (apparently my “look” told him he better not touch me!) and walked out. I didn’t move. We weren’t done. His response was not to my satisfaction. Cameron found me. We both sat in the principal’s office until the principal came back about 45 minutes after he stormed off. He wouldn’t look at me. He told Cameron he would allow him to drop the class without getting an F.

I’m still not satisfied. He still needs the occupational credit, but the principal won’t allow him into the class.  I no longer believe the cancer is taking me out this time, but knowing the statistics, I have to stand up for my son when I believe he’s being treated unfairly.

What would you do?

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Love, gratitude and blessings