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April 28, 2014, 1:54 am
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5,000 feet above Snohomish, WA

5,000 feet above Snohomish, WA

It’s time to take things to the next level.  My contest speech “I’m still alive!  What’s next?”  sparked a few ideas.

I’ve been coaching cancer patients and their families for 7 years, but so many “almost healthy” people have also asked me for help.  People follow me on facebook, here on my blog and in my daily life.  So many times, they’ve told me they’re living thru MY adventures.  I’ve asked why they aren’t having their own adventures.   I usually get excuses.  How cool would it be for them, but more importantly – YOU to create the life you want?!

When are you going to get healthy?   NOW

When are you going to be who you want to be?  NOW

When will your life be as fulfilling as you want it to be?  NOW


Stop living thru other people and discover the things that will make you happy!  Let’s partner up and get you where you want to be!


Love, gratitude and blessings


Crow and squirrel
April 24, 2014, 2:58 am
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This afternoon, I was on the phone, using a new app and talking to a friend in Toronto…for free.  It’s the little things.

I looked out the kitchen window to see a squirrel scampering across the top of the fence.  I’ve always like squirrels.  Some people consider them a nuisance…just a rodent.  I think they’re cute.  I love watching their acrobatics.  I watched one run down a branch and jump to a lower tree last week.  It made me want to try it, but don’t tell my mom.

TeamworkSomething caught my attention out of the corner of my eye.   There was a big, shiny, black crow standing on the top of the fence at the other end of the yard. I’ve always liked crows.  They are intelligent birds.  Entertaining too.  I sat in my car for 30 minutes a few years ago, watching two crows work together to dismantle my neighbor’s garbage.  I’m not sure why their antics were so funny, but it still cracks me up just thinking about it.  After I broke my back, I watched crows land every chance  I got.  I figured they were expert flyers and landers, so who better to learn from?!  I love watching them speed toward the ground, then swoop up and gently land on the ground on both feet.  I hope to someday have all my skydive landings look like the crow’s.

The squirrel stopped about 4 feet away from the crow.  The squirrel was clearly on a mission.  I wondered what was going to happen.  After a brief 3 second pause, the squirrel continued on its path.  It was about the same speed as before, but it appeared as if the squirrel was going to ram the crow.  Just before impact, the crow jumped about 2 feet in the air and came back down on the top of the fence after the squirrel had passed.  No video camera, but I’ll remember it.  The squirrel jumped off the fence and into a tree about 10 feet past the crow.

Was the crow afraid of the squirrel?  Was the crow being respectful?  I wondered if they had a dialogue.  I’ve seen crows attack a cat, a dog and even a jerk off  who deserved it.  I would think the crow would have the hierarchy advantage.  I found a cool description of the symbolism of the crow. By Ina Woolcott

My favorite part:  “You need to walk your talk, to speak your truth and to know your life’s mission. Again, trust your intuition and personal integrity, to create your own standards, whether or not they match those of the world around you. Be an individual, think for yourself, don’t necessarily follow the crowd!”  It’s probably my favorite because I’m already living that reality. 

What is the squirrel about?  Also by Ina Woolcott  “The idea that there are obstacles which cant be overcome is not part of Squirrel’s outlook on life, nor is giving up. Squirrel is an almighty power animal to have any time when you feel you have reached a dead end in your life, or in a situation and ready to give up. We are shown that perseverance and the readiness to try different methods are the keys to success. As busy as these animals are, they always have time to play. Often in between gathering, they start to leap at each other and roll about in the leaves. They also seem to enjoy simply resting on a tree branch, enjoying the peace and quiet. This teaches us that there IS time for everything in life, that the balance between work, play, rest and contemplation is essential to our overall feeling of well being and harmony.”  I like the squirrel description, both because I see myself already in parts of it and the need to remember the other parts.

Regardless of the symbolism of the crow and the squirrel, they were fun to watch and made me laugh.

It’s the little things.

Love, gratitude and blessings

~Susan crow vs squirrell

Even more gratitude
April 23, 2014, 1:47 pm
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Date nightLast night, actually early this morning, I wrote about gratitude. I went to sleep, thinking about all the things I’m thankful for. Later this morning, my very good friend Liz, surprised me with a gift certificate to a restaurant on the waterfront. She wanted us to have a “date night”. With my crazy diet, it’s rare that we go out, but we’ve been to this place and they have food I can eat! I’m so grateful! Thank you Liz! Life is good!
Love, gratitude and blessings

Gratitude and more gratitude
April 23, 2014, 1:01 am
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Shared heartsToday was an AH-HA moment kind of day. Last night, I was talking to a friend about possible reasons why both of my cars had been hit near the same place on the left side of the bumpers. Neither was occupied. The second time caused more damage, but that driver didn’t feel it was important to tell me. Reasons, symbolism, as to what I’m supposed to learn from it. I know, to most people, that’s a weird thought. I believe everything happens for a reason, so I’m, always looking for that reason. My first accident, I was doing the speed limit – 50mph, blaring music, belting out “If I could turn back time” with Cher, when someone made a left turn in front of me and stopped when she realized what she had done. It totaled her car and bent the frame on my crew cab dually. Obvious to me there was a message there, but I never figured out what it was. Back to last night’s conversation…What did my dented bumpers want to tell me that I wasn’t hearing? I know my body responds when I’m not listening, but she pointed out that I said I was more upset about my bumpers being “scarred” than I was the scars on my body. She said the Universe knew I’d have more of a reaction with material things than my body. I guess it’s finally getting the picture that cancer is just a routine part of my day. It doesn’t scare me anymore. Our conversation was because I had posted it on Facebook. The consensus from all who responded was that the message is telling me to move forward. I’ve been letting something stop me. It’s time to move forward or continue to get hurt. I realized, like the bumpers, the last 5 tumors have been on my lower left leg and left foot. Problems there, symbolize not moving forward and holding on to the past. I’m thankful for this possibility. I will do even more to keep moving in the direction of my dreams.

Last night something also happened that’s helping me move forward. I’ll tell you about that soon.

Later in the day, I was talking to another friend who commented that I was ambitious for attempting to change the alternator belt on my car. I quickly responded “Having no money creates determination.” WOW! Immediately, the light came on! I have had more determination throughout this long cancer journey…is it possible I’m blocking money as if to prolong my determination? I can have determination without having cancer. There are many times in my life before cancer that I was determined. I am thankful I can be strong willed with great determination and be healthy at the same time! It’s time to let go of beliefs that no longer serve me and have my needs met.

Shortly after that, I told a guy “normal people don’t do what I do.” He responded
“Safe to say normal/mediocrity left you eons ago. I’ll take two of whatever makes you tick.”
I am thankful for people who help me see my value. There are many who want what I have. I am blessed with the gift of being able to show people how to use their strength!

I am so blessed to be loved and supported by you!
Thank you!

Love, gratitude and blessings

I’m Still Alive! What’s Next?!
Toastmasters International Speech Contest 2nd Place

Toastmasters International Speech Contest 2nd Place

Yesterday was the 2014 Toastmaster’s International – Division Speech Contest.  I had already won my club contest, and the Area contest.  This was the first speech I had ever written.  I don’t know how many times I read it out loud, but I do remember once to my son Cameron before the Area contest and once for Bert before this one.  This series is the only time I’ve ever given the same speech more than once.  I’ve done it for my home club “Early Opinions” 4 different times.  When they gave me feedback, I added it into the speech,  but only having 5-7 minutes, if anything was added, something had to  be taken away.   I changed the ending, but they didn’t like it.   I added something for someone, but forgot something someone else suggested I add.  I totally forgot that part in the speech.  Would that have won me 1st place?

The timing of the speech is critical for a contest.  It has to be at least 4 and a half minutes to a maximum of 7 and a half minutes.   One second short or long results in disqualification.  Kinda like skydiving, where EVERY second counts.  There is a green light to alert you of the 5 minute mark, a yellow light for 6 and a red light for 7.5.  My goal is to stop during the yellow light.  I still didn’t have my newly planned close when the yellow light came on, so I wrapped it up.  My plan should have only taken 15 seconds, but when the audience responds with laughter or even just their facial expressions, I make my pause a little longer.  That extra pause could mean the difference between placing and getting disqualified.  If I had risked it, would I have won 1st place?

This was the first time I’ve had someone videotape me speaking…that I was able to watch after.  For some reason, I’ve never gotten copies, or something happened and never gotten to see myself speaking.    We borrowed a video camera from my friend Jim.  Thank you Jim!  Bert took the day off work so he could be there, but also to hear my speech.  He knows me better than anyone, but hadn’t heard it as a speech yet.

During the speaker orientation, we had to give the Toastmaster (the emcee) our speech titles.  The guy standing beside me titled his speech “Let it rip”. I leaned over and told him “I did that in the car on the way here.”  He and the contestant beside him, had confused looks on their faces.  I’m guessing they were wondering if I really said what they thought they heard.


Continuing the theme, at the end of the break before the actual contest, I went to find a bathroom.  There were lines at all the bathrooms, but the one in the basement only had one woman going in there.  I waited in the hall.  Not seeing anyone else around, I did bodybuilding poses while I waited.  A bodybuilding contest I wanted to compete in is next week.   I let the cancer become an excuse and didn’t prepare for it like I needed to.  Oh well, I can pretend.  There will be more opportunities.  I took my turn and returned upstairs for the contest.  Later, the woman I had waited for told me I should’ve told her I was competing so I could go first.  I promptly blurted out “I just went in to fart.  I wouldn’t have felt good about it knowing you were waiting to come in.”    She tilted her head and looked at me like a confused dog.

My turn… I’ve never memorized a speech.  This one was no exception.  It’s so much of my life, I just talk.  It was supposed to be an inspirational speech.  I’m pretty sure I was successful.  After watching the video, I know several things I’ll change for my next “inspirational” speech.  Having a shorter speech would have made it easier to lighten things up.  A friend told me I made it sound like getting thru the cancer and the broken back were easy.  One sentence could’ve clarified that.  Someone else told me that it’s great I’m in remission.  I’m not sure how I left out the fact that all week, I doubled up on all my treatments, in an attempt to be able to wear a shoe on my swollen, tender left foot.  One of the tumors was so painful, rubber crocs were the only footwear option I had in my closet.  I finally found a pair of slip on heels that was open on the back and didn’t touch either of the tumors.  Things to improve on.

And without further ado…

If you , or know of an individual or group – that would benefit from Susan Story’s story, please contact me during normal business hours Pacific time @ 425-347-1424

If you need all natural, unscented soap… click here


Love, gratitude and blessings!

~Susan Story

No more pain Angie, no more pain.
April 11, 2014, 5:10 pm
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Yesterday was an interesting day.  I’ve got 2 tumors on my foot, one on the bottom where my heel meets my arch and the other about an inch away on the inside of my heel.   The herbal pain pills I like have caffeine from yerba mate, so even though they’re great at controlling the pain, there are only some times I use them.  I don’t take them when they might interfere with my sleep or before or after my coffee enemas.  The coffee helps with the pain, but sometimes not enough.  Thursday night, I barely slept because the pain was so intense.  I took the pain pills as soon as I felt like getting up.  It came close to completely eliminating the pain.  I got a lot done yesterday morning.  We met a friend in the afternoon.  Toward the end of our visit, the pain returned.  We ran another errand on the way home, but it was getting worse.   I didn’t say anything on the way home.  I just drove.  Sometimes, I’d rather keep the pain to myself.  Bert thought I was mad at him because it’s not like me to not talk 🙂 As we got closer to home, not only was the pain intensifying, but I was nauseous.  As soon as we got home, I checked my ketone levels.  They were small, but at least they were there.  I hadn’t eaten much.  Most of the times when the pain is intense, I try to make most of my calories from apple cider vinegar and coconut oil  They keep my ketones up and in theory, the higher ketones, help to starve the cancer.  I checked my blood sugar, which was 81.  Both totally normal, but I couldn’t figure out why I felt like puking.

Water always seems to help.  I decided to get in the shower.   Something felt different, but I still didn’t know what it was.  As soon as I took the bandages off my foot, the pain doubled.  The water was excruciating.  I felt a presence start talking to me.  It was familiar, but not familiar enough.  She was telling me no matter how bad it got that I had to continue fighting.  She told me how she wished she had found me sooner, but by the time she did, it was too late.  She said my knowledge can help so many people if they just know about me.  I was crying,  I was really crying!  I didn’t say anything, I just stood in the hot water, listened and cried.  I know all these things and I have no intention on giving up anytime soon.  Somehow, I need to get my message to more people.

As the tears slowed down, I got out of the shower to get on facebook.  I had to see if I could figure out who she was.  It wasn’t the first person I checked.  I was concerned about her because aside from cancer, her best friend, (her dog) died a couple weeks ago.    I would have probably given up a long time ago if I had not been able to talk to my dogs about ALL my problems.  They always listen for a treat – usually a brussel sprout!

Next, I checked Angie.  She contacted me for the first time in December.  She said we had a mutual friend.  Our mutual friend died 2 years ago, also from cancer.  She said her doctors gave her 6 months.  She said she was willing to do anything to be here for her 12 year old daughter. We messaged back and forth for 2 days.  I responded to a few of her posts since then, but really thought she’d get better.  I hoped anyway! Her husband had changed his profile picture to their wedding picture 20 years ago.   Angie died on Wednesday.  I cried some more.

Hearing “you’re not going to make it through the summer”  in August 2004, gave me an “F You!!” attitude.  It seemed appropriate in 2006 when my doctor in Mexico said he was giving me the drug 5FU for my microdose chemo.  Most people can’t handle the expiration date.  It’s really hard to ignore it and LIVE anyway.  The people who’ve heard it seem to be the only ones who understand my desire to stay away from doctors.  My  invincible attitude isn’t always as strong as I make people think it is.

Never allow a doctor to give you an expiration date! Tell them it’s none of your business and you don’t want to hear it!  She  told me her doctor said she had 6 months to live last December. I’m sad for Angie’s family, especially her husband and her daughter.

I will continue to tell my stories and I appreciate all of you sharing them with your friends.  Someone out there needs hope.  Just enough hope to empower them to LIVE every day to the fullest.  The bigger we live, the fewer regrets we have on our last day, no matter how far away it may be.

Love, gratitude and blessings!