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Self Confidence – My ah-ha moment
May 29, 2014, 2:05 pm
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Confidence.  How much do you have?


I picked this photo because it looks so calm and peaceful.  Mailbox Peak is the hardest hike I’ve ever done.  I’ve been doing it every year since I think 2009.  All of the hiking books tell you not to do it unless you’re WAY more experienced than I am.  That’s probably why I chose it.  I’ve gone by myself twice.  The second time, I was dealing with a cancer issue, but decided it was what I needed. I made it to the top.  That’s not the impressive part.  Mailbox is so steep, coming down is more of a challenge to me than going up.  Don’t get me wrong, the cardio vascular stress going up is intense!  On my way down, I chose to go the route of the trail instead of navigating the partially snow covered boulder field. There are signs to stay on the trail because of search and rescue’s gone bad.  About 10 feet from one of the signs, I fell in the snow/mud and started sliding toward the edge.  I wasn’t sure if I was hurt or not.  It was probably only a minute, but I stayed there, on my hands and knees and cried.  Several things went thru my head “WTF were you thinking?”, “How are you going to get down now?”, “Could’ve gone to a movie, but NO”…  About that time, I giant “SHUT UP” came out of my mouth.  I got up.  I wasn’t hurt, just wet and muddy.  What was I thinking?  I was thinking that since I had no idea if I was going to beat the cancer, I would do something that was also a challenge and feel great about myself WHEN I accomplished it.  There was no question I would.  It was just going to take a little longer than it had in the past.

How are you going to get down now?  Hopefully, one step at a time.  Falling sucks, sliding unintentionally sucks too.  I had a flashlight and a headlamp, so I’d be able to see no matter how long it took.  And yes, I ended up needing them and got back to the car in the dark.

Could’ve gone to a movie, but NO… NO movie could do for me what climbing to the top of Mailbox Peak does for me EVERY time.  Every time, I forget how intense it is.  About 15 minutes into it, I start wondering if it was a good idea.  I keep going.  The spectacular view at the top, provides extreme emotions and reflections.   I have a goal to complete Mailbox in less than 6 hours – this season.  The confidence boost alone is worth the effort.

Getting closer to my ah-ha self confidence moment…What makes me confident in one area and not in another?  When it comes to Mailbox Peak or any other hike, I know my experience and fitness level.  I have a pretty good understanding that I’m going to be able to do it or not.  Sure there could be unforeseen challenges, but for the most part, I know I’ll be able to do it…given enough time.  Put me in a running race and my confidence would be quite low, knowing my knees don’t like it, there’s no bra strong enough to hold the girls in place and I don’t want to race anyway.  That’s not the confidence I care about improving.

I realized a couple days ago that I’m more confident selling something I believe in, than selling myself.  That was hard to type.  I believe in myself in SO many ways, but now see I have work to do!  There are so many aspects of my life I could go thru (and probably will now) rating my own confidence level.  Knowing where we are AND where we want to be are the keys to getting there.

Are you confident?  Of course you are!  Keep doing the things you’re good at, but stretch yourself to do more, to be better.  Sure, there will be times we don’t do as well as expected.  That’s okay.  If it’s important, get up and do it again.  Doing things we’re good at is easy.  It’s the stretching into the unknown and coming out the other side that builds confidence.

Love, gratitude and blessings



Rejected and still Naked

Welcom to rejectionAnother ah-ha moment this morning! I’ve been thinking too small…WAY too small! I’ve been struggling with finances since the cancer exploded and I lost my job last year. I restarted my coaching business and Wiener Friendly Soap ( They’re both coming along, but not yet able to cover the amounts I got behind on my mortgage. The mortgage company is only willing to work with me if I have tax returns from the businesses, which I only started this year, so there aren’t tax returns yet…or a W-2 job they can verify.

I’ve been searching online, sending out resumes, filling out applications in person, going thru testing and interviews, only to be ignored or rejected every time. I spent over 5 hours at a place last week, testing and interviewing. I was irritated with myself for spending that time instead of learning more about Empower Network or networking either of my businesses.

I share my naked truth with you, my struggles, because I know there are others feeling rejected, not good enough, defeated…the list goes on…it’s time for me to get up and do something about it. If I can do it, you can too. I want you to see that “If Susan can do it, I can do it!”

Guess what?! Empower Network doesn’t care how much I got paid at my last job. They won’t tell me how much I’m going to make with them, because it’s entirely up to me! I get to choose how much I work. I get to choose when I call it a day. I don’t have to drive in traffic to get anywhere. I can sit here naked as I type this and NOBODY cares!

Love, gratitude and blessings


Unemployed and Unemployable
May 19, 2014, 2:49 pm
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Stop listening to people tell you you're not good enough!

Stop listening to people tell you you’re not good enough!

Once again, I’m realizing so many great things about myself as I shift from unemployed to doing my own thing. How cool is it that I can write every day. I can make videos every day, I’m not there yet, but I can be. Doing my own thing, means I don’t have to tell anyone what I accomplished in the past, although I will if you want to know.

No worrying that… I’m too old. I don’t have enough education. I’m too educated in my field. I made too much money in my last job. I didn’t make enough money in my last job. I don’t look “their” part. I don’t wear enough make-up ( I’m beautiful without it 🙂 ) I don’t conform very well…

I don’t fit into the box employers want to put me in!

I don’t fit into any box!

Don’t continue letting employers make you feel like you’re not good enough! You are good enough to do anything you set your mind to!

I love to serve and help others get what they want out of life! Let go of thinking you need a job. Let’s figure this out together.

Love, gratitude and blessings


Rejected Again
May 17, 2014, 5:24 pm
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Why do we let rejection hurt us?  Personal relationship rejection can be easy to prevent again.  Quite often, we put up walls to prevent anyone from getting in, getting close, and potentially hurting us like people of our past. Getting fired for the first time was a big blow for me.  Lots of wtf moments…wondering how and why me.  I was approved for unemployment, with the reason from my employer after over 6 years being “not a good fit.”   Every week, I was required to apply for at least 3 jobs.  Most of the things I fit the requirements for, paid less than the unemployment I was receiving.  It didn’t make sense to me to apply for them, knowing they wouldn’t pay my current bills.  I tailored my resume for jobs every week, attempting to get another job in the same pay scale.  I never heard from most of them.  Some of them, didn’t list the salary.  I spent several hours, making my resume fit their needs, only to find out it would cost me nearly half of my daily pay in gas for my car, getting to/from the job, not to mention the travel time involved. 

If you’ve ever been unemployed, looking for a job, you can probably relate with the most rejection filled time of my life –  taking the time of a part time job, filling out applications, telling a potential employer everything good about you, only to get ZERO response.  Spending money that needed to be spent on my house payment, utilities or dog food, driving to an interview and feeling like I sucked for getting fired from my last job.  I know, that was me, not them.  

The cancer has been worse this year than the last 6 years combined.  I continue to help other cancer patients improve their health.  It’s obvious to me that when I’m helping someone, I emotionally thrive!  While helping myself and others, I’ve gotten behind on my mortgage and utilities. I even begged my ex to buy dog food, since I took on his dog when he got divorced from his second wife.  His ex wife brought the dog food over.  I was an still am SO filled with gratitude! 

My mortgage company will only help me if I have a W-2 job, since I don’t yet have tax returns for my coaching or soap businesses.  I spent over 5 hours last Thursday, going thru a testing process and interview for a job that would pay about half of what I was making before.  The job won’t start until the end of June…if I even get it.  THAT was my breaking point!  WTF was I thinking?!!  I’ve been thinking too small – trying to appease the mortgage company. 

I made the decision to keep going for my dreams!  Watch me serve more people than I ever have before!  My dreams are SO much more important than working for someone else’s dreams!  Allow rejection to launch you in the direction of your dreams!  Let me know if you want help.  Let’s achieve great things together! Image

and every body wants natural, organic soap!

Love, gratitude and blessings!


Epic Mother’s Day 2014!

What an amazing day!  I left the house earlier than usual, planning on doing my treatments later in the day.  My friend Marji found out that a restaurant in Seattle was offering mothers, free meals all day on Mother’s Day.  I met Marji and 2 of her friends for brunch.  It’s rare that I eat anything other than what I prepare myself, so it was a special treat to not only find something I enjoyed, but that also fell into my nutritional guidelines.   I wore my Wiener Friendly Soap  t-shirt and of course took sample soaps for them and a few extras in case I needed them.

The waiter had a VERY deep voice that didn’t match his size.  At the end of our meal, I gave him a soap and a business card.  He appeared quite uncomfortable, not knowing what to say.  All of us were old enough to be his mother.  I told him it was an all natural, organic, unscented soap.  His gaze fixated on the RC Willie’s imprint on the soap and business card.  He still didn’t say anything, so I added…”And it won’t burn if you get it in THERE!”  His laugh was more like a high school giggle…nothing like the manly voice we had heard throughout our visit. We all laughed.

Next, Marji, Jill and I walked around Greenlake.  We saw lots of people of all ages, shapes and sizes…big dogs, little dogs, one even being carried.  Lots of turtles on a log, then a young girl with bird seed in her hand, feeding a beautiful black bird. Girl feeding bird at Greenlake

We continued to walk and saw a woman making a daisy chain out of tiny daisy looking flowers. We walked over to ask her how she was doing it when her phone rang. It was her sister calling from another country. It was her birthday, so 5 of us sang happy birthday to her. We continued on our walk. We looked closer at a tree to discover that it had tiny flowers all over it. Hawthorne tree?

The sun started coming out as we were finishing our almost three mile walk. Does anyone know what goes thru my head when the sky is blue? As I got on I-5, my attention was on the sky northeast of Seattle. There were clouds, but they were broken clouds. I called my kid to tell him I was on my way home, with voice dial and a headset. He had already texted me “Happy Mother’s Day”, but he said he and his girlfriend were giving me $$cash$$ for Mother’s Day. As I continued to drive north, the clouds appeared to be breaking up. I called Skydive Snohomish. Guess what?! They were jumping at altitude. For you non skydivers, that means the caravan (our jump plane) was letting people out at 13,000 feet. Being Mother’s Day, lots of people had other plans, so there was room for me! The car got a mind of its own. It drove straight to the airport! A group of 5 asked if I wanted to jump with them, but I’m not there yet. I’ll jump with one other person, but I want to improve my skills before having a 3 way or an orgy in the sky.

I’m always wanting to be as safe as I can while risk taking, so I checked everything I needed to…my gear, the wind chart, the order everyone else was getting out. I also had an instructor check my gear. My friend was telling me she’s frustrated that every time she gets out of the caravan, she flips over on her back. I do it on purpose. On my 3rd jump, my instructor told me to watch the plane fly away after I let go (which I did, but then crashed and broke my back). On the 2 tandems I did with him after that, he rolled out of the caravan, I assumed so I could watch the plane fly away. Ever since, I’ve always done it on purpose. Before it’s time for the next group to get out, I flip over on my belly. I did forget to ask people who had already jumped today what the field was like. It wasn’t until my feet were touching the grass that I realized the ground was 4 feet below it. I made an interesting imprint!

Another EPIC day!

Another EPIC day!

That’s not all! I got my treatments done when I got home. Then for a perfect ending to a perfect day, my hero, Bert, my son Cameron and his girlfriend Rayla, Buddy and Lucy (our fur kids) and I all walked to the beach for the sunset.

You know the best part?!!! Not once today did I have ANY cancer pain! Thank you to our moms for everything you’ve done for us, and for ALL moms for getting us all here! Everyone is here for a very specific purpose! The best thing we can do for the world is develop whatever that purpose is. If you don’t already know, I’ll help you figure it out.  Contact me!

Love, gratitude and blessings!

~Susan Story

It will kill you!
May 7, 2014, 1:35 pm
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ImageWhat will kill me?  Lots of things, but today, I’m talking about radiation.  My dermatologist…well, he was my dermatologist… told me to absolutely never go outside without sunscreen on exposed skin and sunscreen clothing and a hat for the rest.  He, along with most medical doctors, the cancer industry and the sunscreen companies have convinced the masses that the giant ball of fire in the sky will give you cancer…then you die.  Hmmm….but then they prescribe radiation as cancer treatment. 

Did God, or whatever you call the higher power/forces of the Universe intentionally put this thing into our environment that we are exposed to daily – well, not so much daily where I live, but if I went high enough, the sun would be above the clouds…to kill us? 

People line up in droves to get radiation treatment for cancer.  As most of you know, I’m different.  My radiation treatment consists of a naked, warm, sometimes hot and sweaty nap on my deck.  It feels SO good!  I set a timer so I don’t get burned.  I listen to the birds.  Today, there are baby birds singing for mom and their industrious moms returning to feed them every few minutes.  There’s a group living in my house and a set in the eave of the house behind me.  I smell the lilacs from my yard, the neighbors freshly cut grass.  I hear the airplanes flying over…doing touch and goes…making me want to get my pilot’s license, but even more so, making me want to jump.  I get to dream about all the things that make me feel good…the things that make me happy. I get to think about health, not being in a stinky hospital, looking at sick people, thinking about being sick and dying. 

I had to come in to write this in the middle of my session. 

I heard a female voice say “When did she get a tattoo?”  Followed by a slamming door.  Glad I can provide entertainment for others too!

Love, gratitude and blessings





Belief systems
May 7, 2014, 12:25 am
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Jesus on dog's buttLong, long ago, several friends and I were debating whether it was a good idea to date outside of our own “type”.  Different race, different socioeconomic status, different religion.  I didn’t think any of these things would be a problem.  I had an ah-ha moment after watching a movie last week.  It wasn’t a movie I’d recommend, I don’t even know the name of it.  Just a random Netflix movie to pass the time while I had the far infrared heat lamp cooking the tumor on my foot and then the one on my head.

The main character in the movie “sinned”, then did his confessional thingy with the “father”.  Not a religious practice I’m familiar with all the details of.  My take on it, was that as long as he told the “father” what he did wrong, and then did whatever the “father” told him to do, in this case, repeat a mantra 10 times, he was forgiven for his sins. It reminded me of the elementary game “Mother, may I”.   He repeated the same type of sins every week and was forgiven every week.

It took me back to a relationship of my past.  This unnamed man, was brought up in the same religion as the movie.  I had no idea what kind of impact religion could have.  I’m not sure how people handle it if both people do the same things.  He was very good at apologizing when he did something he knew was wrong.  He was brought up believing all he had to do was say he was sorry.  There were no consequences.   He told me about Matthew 18:22 Jesus said to him, “I do not say to you, up to seven times, but up to seventy times seven.”  He thought I would accept his apology and forgive him every time he offered it. 

Guess what?  I’m not, nor will I ever be in a relationship like that ever again. I won’t even try to understand forgiveness to that extent.  It sounds more like being a door mat to me.

Love, gratitude and blessings