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Squeek, squeek, hiss
December 31, 2014, 12:30 pm
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Last night was a crisp, star filled, moon lit, freezing cold night. I decided it would be perfect for a soak in the hot tub. It was time to add more hydrogen peroxide anyway and getting in with a fresh spike of oxygen feels amazing! Buddy, our German Shepherd mix, loves to go outside during tub time. I don’t know if it’s to “protect” me or if he likes me outside while he’s sniffing around doing important dog stuff (protecting him). My hero missed the last ferry, so I knew it would be several hours until he got home, having to drive all the way around. I know, I know…getting in a pool or hot tub is not supposed to be alone, but if I waited to have someone around for all the “dangerous” stuff I do, I would rarely get to do it. I sprayed my towel with lavender and cypress essential oils, for no other reason than I like them together. The breeze scents my little world, most of the time masking the cloud coming from fresh, steaming dog poop. It was under 32 degrees, or 0, for those of you who use Celsius. The grass crunched with every step Buddy made. It was so late, my neighbor’s Christmas lights were off. Boeing’s lights may have been on, but since there were no clouds in the sky, they weren’t affecting my view of the stars either. It was so dark, I could hear Buddy, but I couldn’t see him. I got in the tub and he wandered around doing his thing. The water was 108 degrees. (42.2 C) HOT! It feels even hotter with fresh hydrogen peroxide. It was amazing! Hot water and cold, cold air. I always focus on the things I’m grateful for while I’m in the tub. I was missing my hero, but also enjoy my alone time. It didn’t take long until I fell asleep. I have no idea how much time had passed when I heard Buddy scuffling in the grass. I opened my eyes, but couldn’t see thru the darkness. I heard a squeak. Another squeak. The frozen grass sounded like it was breaking under Buddy’s feet. Shortly after, I heard a loud hiss. Buddy stopped moving. Another loud hiss. The noises sounded too small to be a cat. The hissing sounded too loud to be a mouse. Buddy started moving again. His sniffing got louder and louder as he danced along the retaining wall, coming my way. Do rats hiss? Do opossoms squeak? I’ve heard them hiss. Buddy started running back and forth along the wall. He was down at the other end of the yard when I heard movement inside the compost bin about 2 feet behind me. How many were there? My first thought was to get out of the tub and go inside. My second thought – if the creature sound was coming from on the deck, screaming and falling could be a reality of my near future. I decided to stay in the tub. Thoughts of it climbing up the side of the tub and into the water with me, filled my head. What happened to thoughts of gratitude? I attempted to tune out the sounds and get back to focusing on gratitude. I wanted to fall back asleep but tensed up every time I heard grass crunching sounds.

The image in my head!

The image in my head!

It apparently worked, because the next sound I heard was the heater and jets coming on to re-heat the water. I had been in the tub over an hour, peacefully sleeping, most of the time. What makes us focus on the “What ifs”, the “worst case scenario”? Flooding my head with thoughts of joy, happiness, gratitude and of the good things yet to come, eliminated the thoughts of a rat swimming in the hot tub with me, trying to eat my face off. Next time you find yourself worrying about something bad that “might” happen…STOP! Consciously change the channel. Think about the things that make you happy. Flip the situation over and look at the good side. You can’t have a top without a bottom, up without down, inside without outside or bad without good. There’s ALWAYS a good side. FEEL the good! Notice how better life gets!

Love, gratitude and blessings ~Susan