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Niacin overdose?
January 28, 2015, 10:59 pm
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As you may know, I broke my back in a skydiving accident in 2007.  Twinges of pain remind me every day.  January 11th, my back was hurting so bad, the coffee enemas didn’t help at all.  (Coffee enemas help with most types of pain I’ve experienced since ’07)  I went to work and did my job without complaining.  As soon as I got home, I got out the ice pack.  I swallowed turmeric, ginger, cayenne and black pepper and relaxed on the couch with the ice pack doing its magic.  About an hour later, Bert asked me what I had done to the back of my neck.  Nothing.  The ice pack was about 5 inches away from the spot he was referring to. I backed up to the bathroom mirror to look at it with the handheld mirror.  The lump that’s been on the back of my neck for several years was bright red, sticking out about a cm and was so tight, it felt like it could explode. It was bigger than any lumps I’ve had in the last 6 years.   All of the details will be in my book, but you needed a little background to me using myself as my own  guinea pig.

The size of the lump and intensity of pain, quickly convinced me I needed to get to work doing as many treatments as I knew.  Sauna, hot/cold hydrotherapy, lymph drainage, coffee enemas with vitamins and minerals, fermented foods/drinks, clean water, ozone treatments…yes, there’s more…supplements, hyperbaric chamber, meditation and black salve.  I’m sure there’s more, but I’ll stop there.

Every day last week, I took 250mg niacin before getting in the ozonated sauna.  I figured the niacin would help get my circulation going, the sauna would help eliminate toxins from my skin and the ozone would do what ozone does.  The niacin flush.  Being red from sweating, I couldn’t tell if there was redness,  but I could feel my blood moving and everything itched.  It wasn’t overwhelming, but noticeable.

Jan 26th, since multi-tasking works so well, I decided to take niacin, before using a chi machine, while doing a coffee enema.  It was the same 250mg I had been taking every day for the last week.  I put it under my tongue and added just enough water to help it dissolve.  I got down on the bathroom floor and filled myself with a quart of coffee, just like filling up the car at the gas pump.  I started to feel the niacin flushing about 5 minutes later.  It wasn’t the normal tingling and itching, but more intense.  I could feel my face swelling.  I grabbed my phone.  I hadn’t had a reaction like that since discovering I was allergic to sulfa drugs.  I thought I was going to have to call 911. My face was swelling. It was difficult to swallow, but my breathing was still okay.  Keep in mind, I’m being rocked back and forth by the chi machine and successfully holding a quart of coffee while all this is happening.  And…as you’ll see in the video, the cat likes to lay on top of me during the process and suck on my pajamas.  I often wonder if he’s like Brian on The Family Guy.  If I have to call for help, do I let the coffee out first or try to hold it the full 15 minutes regardless?

I thought I was on fire.  The burning was so intense, I literally thought I’d see flames if I got up to look in the mirror.  Burning, itching and swelling! On fire!

I called out to Bert.  I asked him to come evaluate.  He had his emotionless look on his face when he told me it wasn’t that bad.  I KNOW that look really means he’s hiding something.  Rocking back and forth, not really caring if I disturb the cat, I reached up on the counter for the mirror.  Holy shit!  I hadn’t touched my face with my hands. My eyelids were hanging halfway over my eyes. My face was swollen and distorted.  I could talk, but couldn’t have opened my mouth enough for a blow job.  My head was racing with thoughts of worst case scenarios.  I needed to leave for work in 30 minutes.  Should I call in? I asked Bert again.  He assured me it didn’t look that bad.  I decided to believe him and let go of the itching and burning.  It only took a few minutes to notice the symptoms subsiding. It’s just niacin.  I got to work on time. Nobody said anything.  I read an article that said severe niacin reactions are usually due to dehydration.  Several articles said it’s harmless. Today, I had minerals and 32oz of water before the niacin.  Slight redness, tingling, itching and obvious increased circulation. Perfect!


Please SHARE – Wiener Friendly Soap

Wiener Friendly Soap

What kind of soap?  Yes, I said Wiener Friendly Soap!  For those of you who know me, either in person or from reading my writing, I can be serious, but I’m rarely serious without my sense of humor.  Throughout my last 15 years, something I’ve learned is that cancer sucks, but humor makes it easier to deal with.   My original diagnosis in 03/2000 was melanoma.  Eleven years ago when it spread to my liver and lymphatic system, there were no medical treatments that showed they could keep me alive more than a few months.  I opted out.  I set out to find whatever I could, to get myself well.  My belief back then, as it is now, is that cancer is due to an abundance of toxins (including emotional shit, but that’s another story!) and a deficiency of nutrients.  There are probably a lot more scientific details, but those are the ones I felt I could control. I’ve researched and implemented so many alternative treatments and diets.  Eliminating toxins was at the top of the list.  After many full body cleanses, literally thousands of hours in a far infrared sauna, too many coffee enemas to count, we got rid of most household cleaners and personal care products.  My hero, Bert, decided to start making soap.  Originally, it was just for us.  We shared it with some of our friends and family members and everyone loved it! It’s organic, unscented soap made from olive, palm, coconut and castor oils.  During the saponification process, natural glycerin is formed.  Most commercial soaps remove the glycerin.  We leave it in for its luxurious, moisturizing qualities.

Our creamy, lathering soap is great for ALL body parts!  We even wash our hair with it!

Wiener Friendly Soap

Wiener Friendly Soap

Oh, you’re wondering where the name came from.  Several places.  Many years ago…I promised I’d say it wasn’t recent…my son was in the shower.  I was downstairs when I heard screaming and what sounded like stomping in the shower.  I ran upstairs asking if he was okay.  He was yelling “DON’T COME IN”!!!  I stood outside the door and continued to ask him if he was okay and what was wrong.  The few seconds it took for him to answer seemed like forever…my head going crazy, with visions of all the worst case scenarios playing like movie clips.  He finally yelled, “I was, I was…I got soap in it!” Now I knew why he didn’t want me to come in!  Yes, that visual went thru my head too!  Over his continued “owie, owie, owie”, I told him to pee.  He tried to explain to me why he couldn’t.  It was all I could do to not let him hear me laughing.  I know, it’s not funny.

Wiener Friendly Soap isn’t just for wieners!

It’s for FEMALE wieners too!  Yes, that’s what I said.  I grew up in a southern Baptist family.  I’m not sure if that’s the reason, but using the word vagina or any slang derivative, would have gotten me slapped or hit with a belt and then sent to my room.  I had two brothers.  The word penis was also off limits.  It was totally okay to say wiener, pee pee or pecker.  If I had any kind of crotch issue, it was best not to talk about it at all, but if my dad overheard me talking to my mom, pee pee or wiener wouldn’t get me thrown into isolation with a hand print on my exposed skin. We found out when I was really young that I had reactions to bubble bath and many soaps.  Sometimes I would pretend it wasn’t a big deal, just so I could play in the bubbles in the bathtub.  It was always a big deal.  Burning, stinging and raw skin followed for several days.  We lived in Florida, so going to the beach with sand and salt water on those days was quite miserable!  I left the bubbles out of the tub when I knew we were going to the beach.  As I got older, I learned about yeast infections.  For those of you who don’t know, burning, raw skin can be a part of that too.  When it’s bad, water can burn. Most soaps on raw skin burn even more.

Fast forward a few more years…My FAVORITE!  Have you ever been rubbed raw from lots and lots of sex?  So much sex, you literally walk funny!  I fully recommend it!  But…another need for wiener friendly soap.  Vagina friendly just isn’t as funny.  If you have ideas for a gender neutral name that’s as catchy as Wiener Friendly Soap, let me know.

When I was just out of high school, my mom gave me a ceramic sculpture that has a boy and a girl in the tub and says “Save water, shower with a friend”.  Talking about the above stories with Bert in the shower – and a few details I’ll leave to your imagination, we “came” – “up” with the name

Wiener Friendly Soap

Wiener Friendly Soap Towels10847152_10205868982509734_8005463055980815466_o(1)10854346_10205869153954020_3234068560665867692_o


As you know, I still have cancer.  I’m doing everything I know to get myself healthy.  As it is, I’m healthier than most people I know, but I’m ready to be done with it!  There are many studies out there showing that cancer grows best with stress.  I have eliminated most stress from my life, but the financial stress is messing me up!  I still do 3 hours of daily treatments, help other cancer patients and their families without compensation and work as many hours at my retail job as I can.  It’s not paying the bills or giving me the ability to get the supplements I need.

That’s where you come in!

I’m not asking for donations.  I’m asking for you to treat yourself to the best organic soap you’ll rub on your skin and to share it with others!  I apologize in advance, but it’s currently only available in the United States.  Thank you for your support!

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Love, gratitude and blessings