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Rat, bunny, cat or raccoon
July 1, 2017, 12:38 am
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This morning while watering my garden, I stepped on a board that I thought had hammered down nails in the end. Nope! Two of the straight nails, went through my shoes and punctured my foot. I screamed the entire F word and quickly jerked my foot up! The force knocked it off my foot. I dropped the hose and jumped up onto the hot tub to see how bad it was. I was hoping for a lot of blood, but instead, there was only a little dripping out of both holes. I squeezed my foot, trying to make it bleed more. I’ve always thought that extra bleeding might help clean out the wound. It stopped after I wiped it off. No, I just thought it stopped. I ran upstairs to clean it, leaving left bloody footprints all the way. After running hot water over it and washing it, I slathered it with a charcoal, turmeric, castor oil poultice I made for the cancer on my leg. About an hour later, I applied a cayenne tincture and another coat of the charcoal mixture. As the day progressed, my foot got more and more tender. ┬áIt feels really bruised. Tetanus shots are supposed to last 10 years, aren’t they? Apparently I had one sometime after I broke my back on 07/07/07.

All of that so the piece of wood makes sense.

This week, I have seen a rat, a bunny, a cat and a raccoon in my back yard.

Two nights ago, I was on my side yard and heard something on the wood fence. Lucy the bulmastiff was on the deck gnawing on a bone. I said “Helloooo”, to alert the creature of my presence. The little masked face struggled to switch directions and climb over the other corner of the fence. It was the first time in 18 years, that I had seen a raccoon in my backyard. I’m guessing that maybe it smelled Lucy’s bone. I went inside the house. A few minutes later I got one of those weird feelings. Something wasn’t right, Lucy was still chewing and 10 feet away, glaring at Lucy, was a young looking raccoon. I asked “What are you doing?” Lucy turned to look at me, with a confused look on her face, probably wondering what she had done wrong. The sneaky raccoon climbed the retaining wall and back over the fence.

Tonight, I went out on the deck to assess the temperature. It was a quiet night, until something moved a few times in the gravel around the hot tub.

In a split second, visuals of the piece of wood that had already bitten me, the rat, bunny, cat and raccoon, all trying to attack me, flashed across the screen of my mind. I screamed and ran inside, quickly shutting the door behind me!

Five minutes later, Lucy and I went out the front door, to spend an hour, walking in the woods. There were noises along the way. Owls in the trees, crunching leaves and branches. Why did I scream in my backyard at the thought of a creature, but knowingly went out of cell service into the forest?

Somehow, there’s a lesson there! For now, it’s past my bedtime.

Love, gratitude and blessings