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Blurred lines

It’s Christmas Eve. It would be mom and dad’s 56th wedding anniversary if dad hadn’t died 18 years ago. It would be an anniversary for me too, but all I want to say about that is don’t ever make big days on holidays! It has the potential of really f’ing up what could be a great holiday! It doesn’t bother me anymore, but for some people, that kind of crap can last a lifetime. On that, I’m at home, almost alone. I was going to go to “the Lighthouse” with the kids, but felt like I needed to get things done at home. They’re on their way home and I’ve accomplished very little of what I was going to do. I have however been busy doing what apparently needed to be done. Still tired from a workout on Tuesday and working long retail days, I decided to do a third coffee enema, in hopes it would give me the energy I needed to attack my chores. I fell asleep on the floor, with a quart of coffee hanging out in my colon. I’m thankful it mostly stayed there! To clarify “mostly”, it didn’t spill, but most of it got absorbed by my healthy, functioning colon. When I woke up, I had to pee so bad I nearly pee’d on the floor. I love how well certain parts of my body work!


I came downstairs to get started on my chores and Lucy kept following me and laying down within inches of where I was standing. It took a few times of her doing that for me to realize she was hungry. So was I. I made one of our favorite cooked meals of fried onions, mushrooms, burger, avocado mayo and brussel sprouts. She skips the onions and mushrooms. As I ate, I thought about how tired I’ve been lately. On March 18, when I came out of explant surgery, I asked my doctor if they put vaseline in my eyes. She said they hadn’t.  My right eye was so blurry I couldn’t see out of it. Part of it got better over the next few days, but I’ve had a strip in my vision that’s been blurry ever since. I have floaters in both eyes. Since surgery, I’ve done many things to detox my body from the silicone toxicity, mold and biotoxins that are commonly found in women with breast implants. When I had my live blood cell analysis last year, it showed high levels of mold, but at that time, I had no idea it could be from the implants. A few months ago, I could’ve accidentally killed myself taking oregano oil to kill the mold without realizing it also drops blood sugar. I was thankful I knew enough to check my blood sugar before I went to bed. It had already dropped to 60. I’m also on week 6 of a 12 week parasite, yeast, fungus cleanse. It should be helping! I remembered a vision test that’s supposed to tell if there are deeper problems than just vision. I found it online and decided to take it.

It’s called a Visual Contrast Sensitivity Test.

I did the calibration, getting out the measuring tape to make sure I did it right without cheating. I covered my right eye and started the test. WTF?!! The beginning few on each test were visible, but the last few, I couldn’t see the circle, much less the direction of the lines within it. I took my glasses off and leaned in to cheat. Nothing. No difference. I couldn’t see any contrast, the circle or the lines. I tried to convince myself the test was messing with me and would show at the end that there wasn’t contrast on them. I completed the left eye, then switched to the right. Same thing. No contrast on the last 3-4 of each section. How could I be doing everything I’m doing and still have biotoxins not only affecting my vision, but also my memory, thought processes and who knows what else?! I started crying before I got the results. Once I saw the charts and read through my results, I cried more. I kept crying to the point I could no longer see the computer screen.

The kids called and asked if we wanted to meet them. Lucy and I left and walked with the entire pack in the woods for over an hour. It’s 1:11 on Christmas Day. MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! It was one of the most exciting night hikes in a long time! Maybe I’ll tell you about that another time.

Apparently I just needed to cry. I know I’m not done yet. Every day, I pretend I’m healthier than I am. Every day, I allow others to think I’m healthier than I am. Everyone has cancer cells in their bodies, I just have a few who are as stubborn as I am and just refuse to die. Knowing that, eliminating ALL of the cancer probably won’t ever happen. Getting it down to a level where my healthy cells can help the stubborn ones transition makes more sense. It’s the same with the mold, the biotoxins and the silicone.  I know that our bodies make glutathione to detox crap out and ASEA increases glutathione levels 500-800%. I’ll keep doing what I do, drink more ASEA and just be happy. My ultimate goal is to be happy. The more things I can do to make myself happy, the happier all of my beautiful cells will be! The happier we are, the happier everything in and around us is too!

Do something to make yourself happy today and every day!

Love, gratitude and blessings!

Merry Christmas!


Breast Implants – Possibly the Missing Link

When I got my breast implants almost 22 years ago, it was more to please a man than for myself. The plastic surgeon I went to, wouldn’t do the surgery unless my husband came to an appointment, so he knew we were both onboard. At that appointment, my doctor and my husband decided I should have 55occ implants. After all, why go from an A to a B cup when I can go directly from an A to a DD cup. Wanting to win back my husbands’ attention, which I lost to satellite tv and the Playboy channel, I agreed.  He told us that the implants could change my personality and that many couples have trouble from the changes. My husband assured him that he could handle me. I was a very different woman than I am today!  As soon as I was cleared to go back to the gym, the increase in attention from both men and women was like opening up the floodgates! Even though I wore baggy t-shirts most of the time, something was already different. I had no idea what a difference they would make. Acquaintances were suddenly my friends. Men I didn’t know, talked to me. Women I didn’t know, talked to me. It didn’t take long until the added attention boosted my confidence level. Or maybe my internal confidence gained the attention. Either way, I felt better than I ever had about myself. I was preparing to compete in a bodybuilding competition the following August, and at that time, my trainer convinced me that “bulking up” by gaining a lot of weight would help me put on the most amount of muscle.  The added weight, slightly disguised my new additions. At the beginning of April 1995, I started dieting to drop body fat for the competition. As the fat melted away (2 hours of cardio – 6 days a week – not how I would do it today!) my breasts appeared to be getting bigger. By the time I competed, I looked like a pencil with boobs, giant boobs!

Fast forward to last week.

A friend I haven’t talked to in a few years, called me. She has been following this blog and my Facebook page. She has known me since the beginning of my “terminal” diagnosis. She’s watched me bring food to events and not eat what everyone else was eating because of my dedication to getting well. She knows how much time and effort I’ve put into keeping myself alive. Many people, included myself, have wondered over the years how I can be so strict with myself and still have cancer. I’ve had countless people tell me how to eliminate the cancer and think I’m ignoring them. With everything I do, why do I still have cancer? My clients will tell you, when they aren’t getting the results I expect for the actions they say they’re taking, I tell them they’re lying. So far, I’ve been lucky and I’ve always been right. I have no tolerance for cheating on diet or actions, because I don’t do it. I believe that if I’m going to say “I did the best I could”, then I’d better do it!

Back to the phone call…She called to tell me about how sick she had been. She did’t have cancer, but a host of other problems. Chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, leaky gut syndrome, joint pain, brain fog… The list went on. There were times she couldn’t get out of bed. I wondered where she was going with her story. Several minutes into it, she said she found out her breast implants were causing the problems. Immediately, tears streamed down my face and chills flushed my entire body. Both responses my body has when I’m hearing a truth. I knew my implants were causing my problems. She explained a lot of reasons why they could be creating the perfect environment for my body to keep growing tumors.

I went to my naturopath and my chiropractor. They both agreed that I need to have explant surgery as soon as possible. So many frames have flashed through my head.

~When my friend Elizabeth, who had inflammatory breast cancer, said her doctor thought her breast implants were causing the cancer. He wanted her to have them removed, but wouldn’t do the surgery until the swelling decreased and her skin was healed. She died before that happened. A year before I met her, I had what appeared to be inflammatory breast cancer. My left breast was almost twice the size of the right one and was missing about 2/3 of its skin.

~The car accident in 1994, where my left breast was bruised from the seatbelt. My plastic surgeon said unless I saw noticeable differences in its size that I should be ok.  Now I read the website

and find out that accident could have damaged the fill port on the implant, causing mold to grow in and around it. Once the mold takes hold in the implant, it then travels throughout the body. They say problems usually start 6-9 years after getting breast implants. My left breast always hurt from the beginning. When my son was born in 1996, nursing from the left side was almost unbearable. My first melanoma diagnosis was in 2000.

The website talks about silicone decomposing and particles going to the liver. In 2004, I found out the cancer had spread to my liver and lymphatic system.  Are they related?  What I know is that many things I’ve read say cancer starts with a fungus overload in the body. My liver and lymphatic system have been sad since 2004. With all the things I do, tumors still show up on a regular basis. This part of the website, tells about ways to detox after the surgery.

At least

I already do most everything on the list and more! All weekend, I’ve been wondering how long ago I might have left the planet if I hadn’t learned and implemented the detoxing I have. If my breast implants are the missing link, how could I possibly get well when the cause of the problem is continually releasing more toxins into my body?

I love myself more than I ever have! My confidence and belief in myself are both higher than they’ve ever been! As I was staring at the wall last night, Cameron came in, knowing I was grieving the impending loss of my ‘girls’  – who had helped my growth in many ways – and said “Mom, don’t think of it as losing your boobs, you’re only losing your implants and they were never YOU, anyway!”

I have decided I am ready and willing to have explant surgery, then go back to Mexico for 2 weeks of detox treatments. I have NO idea how it’$ going to happen, but I know it need$ to happen as $oon as po$$ible. I believe it’s the cause I’ve been missing. I’ll call for consultation appointments in the morning.

I’ll need a new Wonder Woman outfit, but I am still Wonder Woman! I am SO ready to leave the cancer story behind and create my beautiful life!

Love, gratitude and blessings

~SusanWonder Woman 2012 Lighthouse Festival

Ground Floor Opportunity

In all my years writing, you’ve never seen me promote the network marketing companies I’m involved with. I can’t tell you why, I don’t know. Several people sent me the same information about a new company that is launching March 1, selling legal cbd products. Straight cbd products don’t have any thc in them, so they’re legal and won’t interfere with a drug test. The higher cbd strains are what people are using for cancer. I’m hoping it will help cancer people, but won’t know for sure until I/we try it. Like I said, it’s in pre-launch mode, so I have no track record with them. If their products are as good as the research, it will really help a lot of people!  Thank you for looking!

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Love, gratitude and blessings


Mandated vaccines?
July 12, 2009, 8:27 pm
Filed under: alternative treatments, autoimmune, flu, health, immune system, nutrition, virus

I just read this and thought about people who work in professions where their employers force them to get certain vaccines…

If you ever find yourself forced to take a vaccine injection (if the health authorities force mandatory vaccinations at gunpoint, for example), you can help protect yourself by loading up on microalgae (spirulina, astaxanthin, chlorella), superfoods and raw vegetables juices for 14 days before your vaccine injection. Vaccines are most likely to harm those who are nutritionally deficient.

I hope to never be in the position where I’m being forced to do something I don’t believe in.  One of my doctors wrote in his report, that he recommended I schedule a colonoscopy, but highly doubted I would follow through with the test.  It felt good reading it, knowing I had been honest enough with him that he understood my perspective.  I’m also thankful he didn’t try to force the issue.  Wouldn’t that be considered assault?


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