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Lose Weight With ASEA

Lose Weight With ASEA

Today is the first day of my goal to compete again. 25 weeks until I’m on stage in a posing suit that takes about 6 inches of fabric to make. Even less, now that my breast implants live in plastic containers on the shelf and not in my chest. I haven’t competed since 2010. For years, I’ve said I would never compete again. Something shifted last week and apparently it’s time. This is my “before” picture with clothes.


I haven’t decided if I want to share a picture with fewer clothes. I know we all want to see the real before/afters, but I’m not sure I want to see it on my phone, much less on the computer screen. Don’t get me wrong, I love my body!  I also know I’ll want to see photos when it’s in better shape! I guess it’s time to look in the mirror and remind myself that I completely love and accept myself, just the way I am. Funny how things reveal themselves when I least expect them to. Plus, I don’t like selfie pics with the camera and flash in the mirror. It makes me feel like I don’t have any friends who could take it for me.

I need to find my body fat calipers to find out where I’m at. Before getting pregnant, I competed at 130 pounds. While I was pregnant with Cameron, I took advantage of the crazy hormones and put on about 20 pounds of muscle. I gained 80 total, which was totally unnecessary, but back then, I gave in to juicy juice and tillamook sharp cheddar.  Over the years, I competed heavier. Once, I weighed in at 172. I only went to the show to support my husband at the time. On the way, we agreed to do mixed pairs to practice for another show that was coming up. Elaine, one of the promoters, talked me into competing in the open women’s division too, because there weren’t enough competitors. I ended up winning and feeling bad that I beat the woman who wanted so bad to win the weight class so she could go to nationals. I’ve been on both sides.

This morning, I got on the scale. I’ve never cared about my weight as long as I like the way I look naked.  Hmmmm…..
What weight will I compete at? How will I do cardio since I’m having difficulty breathing when I’m not doing anything strenuous? I treated the owie (undiagnosed melanoma because I’m stubborn and won’t go to my doctor) on  my chest again.  It feels like it has a web wrapped around my lungs that’s tightening at random times.



I’ve never lost weight on my modified ketogenic diet. Maybe because sometimes around midnight, I check and my blood sugar is under 70. Not knowing how much it drops at night with so many possible variables, I eat, just in case.  I’ll put 6 eggs in the blender, then add 1/3 cup coconut oil, 1 can of coconut milk, 1T raw cacao, 6 drops of vanilla stevia and sunflower lecithin.I’ve never done the math, but it’s gotta be over 1,000 calories.Oh shit! I did the math and it’s over 2,000 calories. I don’t usually finish it, but still! No wonder I’m 180 pounds!  Or cinnamon nuts…or raw cacao mixed with raw almond butter and coconut oil. YUM!! Now that I have my goal, I will eat more plain coconut oil earlier in the evening and hopefully, that will keep my blood sugar stable.

I’ve used ASEA for the health benefits since I started last year. There’s so much I didn’t know it was capable of helping!  Today, my sponsor Lourene, posted this video on YouTube. It’s about ASEA and weight loss. What a perfect time for me to realize that!

It’s actually talking about fat loss, not just weight loss. Anti-aging, athletic performance/recovery, health and wellness and weight loss!  I am so thankful ASEA found me!

25 weeks. Join me on your own 25 week journey. Let’s do this! Follow along here or call to see if we are a coaching match. 425-347-1424 Pacific

Love, gratitude and blessings



Black Salve Results at 2 weeks

I freaked out a little tonight after removing the bandage from my leg. It appeared that the majority of the tumor stuck to the bandage, which was good. When I got home, I noticed a black thing in the hole that looked like a worm. Cameron thought maybe it was a blood vessel. I dug it out with a cotton swab. I wouldn’t recommend doing that without something for pain, but I was more concerned that it would bury itself deeper into my leg if I left it there. If I were to go back to school, I’d probably be a pathologist. I worked for three of them when I was 17, staining Pap smear slides and encasing specimens in paraffin and slicing them to also go on slides for staining. One of the pathologists, showed me some of the slides, telling me what he saw without the microscope. One, was to him, obviously cancerous. I’m sure my job is totally automated now, but after he showed me, I always looked for ones like he showed me and prayed for the women they came from. He also showed me a few of the cadavers. I felt like I was invading their privacy, seeing them naked, even though he kept the sheet over the “private parts”. He was excited about how interested I was. Most people he knew, were grossed out and creeped out.


Okay, since I’ll probably never go back to school, being my own lab rat is what I’ve got. I squished the black thing after I got it out. I’m guessing if it were a blood vessel, the blood would have squeezed out, leaving an empty tube. Also, since it wasn’t connected to anything and my leg didn’t bleed, it probably wasn’t a blood vessel. It stayed black, never moved and was just wider after I smashed it. imageThe yellowish part still in the hole appears to be more of the tumor. In the past when they’ve done that, they weren’t finished. It is deep. My body has gotten so efficient at healing, I hope the rest of it comes out before the hole closes up. I’ll put my magic salve in the hole and cover it with a waterproof bandage. I’ll watch it closely for the next few days, but fully expect in a week or two, the scar will look old.

My favorite Bob Proctor quote is “I am responsible for my thoughts, my feelings, my actions and for every result I get.” Some people might “blame” Bob for the responsibility I take over my own life. Some might give him credit! Taking responsibility over every aspect of my life gives me power! ME! Blaming anyone for any detail of my life, takes my power away and gives it to them. Good/bad are 2 sides of the same coin. Learn from the “I did this thing, but it didn’t work out” experiences. Love and promise yourself to always make better choices. Celebrate when things go right.

I take full responsibility for my own “healthcare” and the choices I make. I’m sorry for the choppy post. My leg hurts!

Love, Gratitude and Blessings


Happy Father’s Day, Lake 22 and Cancer

My friend wanted to go hiking today, since both of our dads died 17 years ago and neither of us would be celebrating Father’s Day. George, the tumor on my chest (remember, we named him), went away and will be remembered by the scar tissue left behind. I’m working on it with my lotions, potions and magic (or prayer if that’s what you call it). Soon it will only be a memory.

This week, I’ve been having a lot of pain from a tumor on the bottom of my left foot, which felt like it was traveling up my leg. I’ve had both of them before, but for whatever reason, they must be afraid they’re going to miss out on something and have come back a few times. Last week I applied blood root black salve to both of them. The one on my foot reacted, but barely. I applied it again the next day. It definitely hurt more!  On Wednesday, the pain was so intense, I was pale and sweaty and didn’t know if I was going to puke or pass out. The pain was bearable without my shoes on, so I ended up standing and working 7 hours in my socks.  I’ve been making a concoction of DMSO, Magnesium oil and Lugol’s iodine and putting it on the recent scars several times daily. I also put it on the spot on my leg that didn’t react. It started burning immediately. Yesterday, I decided to reapply black salve. I felt it reacting – tingling,  as I was trying to go to sleep. I used Emotional Freedom Technique tapping and the pain resided within a couple minutes. I was just as lucky when I woke up this morning, except it looked awful!

Left Foot Owie

I decided I would try the hike. My friend knew about my explant surgery in March and the current cancer situation, but he was willing to go slow and wait for me or even turn around if I needed to. Both owies were bandaged and I was ready to spend the day in the forest, talking about our dads, the things we want to do with our lives, the qualities of the significant others we dream about…you know, the little things.

Lake 22 is on the Mountain Loop Highway in Granite Falls, WA. It’s one of the few hikes I haven’t done on Mtn Loop. The trail reports looked like it would be easy enough for me, in my current condition. It was 2.7 miles to the lake, another 1.1 miles around the lake and 2.7 back to the car. I figured if the pain got bad, I could turn around and wait at the car. Since the trail around the lake comes back to the same trail, I could’ve waited while he walked around. He disagreed with my ideas. He would have gone back with me if I needed to. That’s one of the qualities.

I didn’t feel either owie. Once we got to the lake, we stopped on the bridge to take pictures. Immediately, both owies started throbbing. We started moving again and headed around the lake. As long as I kept going, I didn’t feel them. As soon as we started going back, I realized that going downhill escalated the pain. It sucked, but the smells, the trees, the birds, the cute little mountain rodents, the waterfalls and navigating the rocks, creeks and tree roots lining the trail, kept me distracted. The pain and swelling seem to still be increasing since we finished the hike. It was my first hike since October. I’m feeling it now. I am so excited I accomplished it!

I am so happy and grateful I was able to hike 6.5 miles, only having to stop to breathe once and I’m still awake, sharing my adventure with you! I hurt all over, but it was worth it!




I am so happy and grateful I was able to hike 6.5 miles, only having to stop to breathe once and I’m still awake, sharing my adventure with you! I hurt all over, but it was worth it!

Love, gratitude and blessings


Celebration With Tears

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Black Salve ~Day 14

Day 14. The hard lump is in the center of what appears to be a rash. This one reacted similarly last January and last April. It didn’t form a “core”, like most of the others, but looks more like a swollen rash, that hurts like hell! I was noticing though, my traps are still swollen and that looks cool 🙂 The pain started yesterday; partially from the owie and partially from the allergic reaction to the adhesive. They seem to stop surfacing when they dry out.  I’ve been applying RENU28 and spraying ASEA on it every few hours, more often while I’m at home. Water from the shower hurts. I have a shower filter, so it shouldn’t be because of anything in the water. It’s amazing to me how soothing ASEA, RENU28 and Wiener Friendly soap are when the water stings as much as it does. Tomorrow is a big day! Time to bandage this and dream beautiful dreams!

Love, gratitude and blessings



Black Salve~Day 10

imageBlack salve rarely does what I think it’s going to do.  Just when I  thought it wasn’t going to do much, a different area changes.  I had a small discolored bump on my butt that I treated the same time as this one. It did what it did, most of the time without me noticing it. After applying black salve, the size of a pencil eraser reacted. It didn’t say much. One of the quiet ones. So quiet that I forgot to bandage it and when I got the hand held mirror to check, it was out. The skin heals as it pushes the owie out of the body, leaving a small circular ridge with tender new skin in the crater. Small is also relative. I’ve had them smaller than a pencil eraser up to 2 inches in diameter.  I have no idea what day it fell out, got washed off in the shower, or stuck to the inside of my pants. Yes, I said pants, not panties. Use your imagination. 🙂

I got some news recently, that might be the link I’ve been missing. For those who follow me, you know how much I do to get myself as healthy as I can be. I learn and change things, while sometimes removing others. Sometimes I don’t know if something is helping or not until I stop doing it. I’m still researching and processing this new thing. I think it’s potentially the missing link. I’ll let you know more soon.

Love, gratitude and blessings