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Why did you lie to me? Why didn’t you tell me?

Why did you lie to me? Why didn’t you tell me? They aren’t always the same.  My ex husband would call me a liar for omitting what he considered to be important information. To him, withholding information was identical to lying. Learning what he thought was important vs what I thought was important was the miscommunication.

The last few weeks, I’ve been lonely, sad and confused, wondering why people who I thought I was close to had been lying to me. I mentioned it to my son, who quickly enlightened me. The last few weeks weren’t about being lied to, it was about opening my eyes and seeing the truth. A few quick checks when I originally felt the incongruency of the words I was being told vs the way it made me feel, would have revealed the truth months ago. Was I so lonely that I wanted to maintain those relationships even though I knew something was off?  A few quick phone calls and internet searches later… The FAA had no record of the husband who had been the pilot in a Beechcraft King Air plane crash with a fatality of a passenger. The police department had no premise records of arrests made at a specific address. Google images and Zillow revealed that the address wasn’t in a multi-million dollar gated community with a giant pool, but a small neighborhood of condominiums off of a busy road with a Walmart at the closest stop light and the nearest pool in a backyard of the next neighborhood over. County records revealed that the roommate I was told was an unattractive beer drinking buddy, turned out to be a wife. Friends asked to borrow money and showed me documentation, indicating when they were getting paid. That day is long gone. Even though it didn’t feel right, I didn’t want my  past money screwovers to make my current decisions.  I’ve often slipped, but try not to punish current people in my life for injustices of people in my past. When new people treat me in the same poor ways as people no longer in my life, I’ve noticed that I’m the common denominator. Funny how when I see problems, I’m always there! (Ho’oponopono)

Just kidding! I’m thankful for the truths you showed me!

When my first husband didn’t get the job we moved to Seattle for, he became a private investigator. I didn’t remember how much I enjoyed finding the truth. Well, finding the truth – the answers, to other people’s questions. Why did it hurt when I discovered the truth wasn’t what I thought it was from some of the important people in my life?


Cameron and I were talking more about lying vs the truth. He reminded me those people are only being my mirrors. He asked me how I’m lying to myself. I told him I didn’t think I was. The conversation went on a tangent, talking about the trails we were hiking. Unknowingly to me, it cleverly went back.

“Mom, do you have cancer?”

“I don’t know.” Pretending I’m the healthy person I see myself being, but not totally honest by saying yes or no.

“Nailed it!” Cameron said.

“Nailed what?” I asked.

He went on to remind me that I do have cancer on the back of my neck, on my chest, on my left leg and possibly on the back of my head. Right now, the skin is intact, but I can still feel the lumps under the skin. We are working with energetic healing techniques for awhile before I black salve the areas again. Plus, as effective as it is, black salve hurts and I’m filling my time with things that feel good!

He asked me how I can let the go of the cancer if I won’t acknowledge its existence. You won’t change something that you don’t think is a problem.

Oh my! He’s been listening! All these years, I’ve been teaching him things and now he’s showing me the part of my mirror I was missing! He’s right! When things are working, we don’t normally change them. It’s when things no longer work that we want something better.

I do my daily treatments and continue eating my ketogenic diet, but I don’t think a lot about why I do it. Once in awhile, someone will ask about my scars and I tell them I have melanoma. It has become something I live with, not a life threatening disease. The looks on their faces tell me I should be more concerned. Sometimes, it scares me and I think about it too long, scaring myself more.

Because of current statistics, cancer is seen by many as a death sentence. Most people are devastated when they get the news that a loved one has cancer. Some patients don’t want the sadness from friends and loved ones, so they don’t tell anyone. I was considered “terminal” for over a year before I told my family. If I thought I sounded sick, I wouldn’t answer the phone and would call people back when I felt like I could fake it and sound good enough that they wouldn’t ask questions. My mom noticed I coughed a lot when we talked on the phone. It was such a normal thing, I denied I was coughing much. I tried to tune it out. Since even back then, I had stopped going to doctors, I don’t know if cancer made it to my lungs or not. Now, after learning about the mold that grows inside saline breast implants, the coughing could have been from mold toxicity.

When I finally told people I had been dealing with recurrent melanoma with liver and lymphatic system metastasis, they didn’t ask why I lied to them, they asked “Why didn’t you tell me?”

I talk to cancer patients who keep their diagnosis a secret, a lot. The “I” I’m about to speak of is only a percentage of cancer patients, but it is a common theme.

Especially around the holidays, I make excuses why I can’t spend time with family or friends like I used to. Too much going on at work, nobody to feed the fish or put compost in the worm bin. I do my best to only show up when I feel like I look good. I don’t want people to treat me like I’m dying. Sometimes, whether from the cancer or the treatments, my memory doesn’t quite work like it used to. I forget birthdays, anniversaries, doctor’s appointments, lunch dates,payment due dates. Things that are important to me. I feel like shit when I let you down. I tell myself I will try harder, but I forget again. You quit calling. Would you still be mad if you knew I was dying?  Would a forgotten birthday be remembered, along with your refusal to communicate, after I’m gone? Would you ask “why didn’t you tell me?”

Just because a friend or family member is being distant, doesn’t mean they have cancer or any other disease they don’t want to admit to. It does however mean, they may need your love now, more than ever.

Those who purposely lied to me. I’ll love them at a distance.


Love, gratitude and blessings


Choosing Life. Bye-bye Ta-Tas

What happened?  My mom has nice boobs. Yes, even at 80, they’re still nice and perkier than most 40 year old boobs. I don’t remember when my dad had surgery, but I do remember his keloid scars that looked like smiley faces where he had his boobs removed.  I was the only girl in the family, between two brothers. They teased me about not having boobs. Most of the time I didn’t care. The whole story will be in my book.  For now, I got breast implants 22 years ago. My doctor said to get them replaced if I were having any problems. He didn’t say what those problems might be. When I got divorced, I started a “savings” plan, so if I ever had problems, I’d have the money to get them removed and replaced with new ones. 10 years after I got them, the cancer spread to my liver and lymphatic system. August 2004, my doctor said I probably wouldn’t make it thru the summer. Having surgery was the last thing I cared to think about, but I didn’t know the relationship between breast implants. I would have had the removed immediately if I had known. The years went by, more and more skin lesions, messed up liver enzymes, joint pain, brain fog and general fatigue. None of those things equated to problems with my breast implants…or so I thought.

A friend called me to tell me her story of healing after having her breast implants removed. I have found several articles and since I’ve been posting them on Facebook, people have been private messaging me, telling me their breast implant horror stories. Why had my doctors failed to mention it? Having them removed could restore my health!

2 of my doctors recently told me to get my breast implants removed as soon as possible. Spending 3-5 hours of alternative treatments every day, showing up to work and other personal growth activities and workouts haven’t left as much time as I’ve needed to earn more money and not only re-fund my empty “boob fund”, but get back to Mexico for more treatments.

I believe they are the missing link! I am hopeful that having the breast implants removed and getting more treatments in Mexico will restore my health, allowing me to share my stories and empower others to love themselves and take responsibility for their beautiful lives!

Will you help by donating to my medical fund?

Choosing life. Bye bye Ta-tas!


Thank you!

Love, gratitude and blessings!


Breast Implants – Possibly the Missing Link

When I got my breast implants almost 22 years ago, it was more to please a man than for myself. The plastic surgeon I went to, wouldn’t do the surgery unless my husband came to an appointment, so he knew we were both onboard. At that appointment, my doctor and my husband decided I should have 55occ implants. After all, why go from an A to a B cup when I can go directly from an A to a DD cup. Wanting to win back my husbands’ attention, which I lost to satellite tv and the Playboy channel, I agreed.  He told us that the implants could change my personality and that many couples have trouble from the changes. My husband assured him that he could handle me. I was a very different woman than I am today!  As soon as I was cleared to go back to the gym, the increase in attention from both men and women was like opening up the floodgates! Even though I wore baggy t-shirts most of the time, something was already different. I had no idea what a difference they would make. Acquaintances were suddenly my friends. Men I didn’t know, talked to me. Women I didn’t know, talked to me. It didn’t take long until the added attention boosted my confidence level. Or maybe my internal confidence gained the attention. Either way, I felt better than I ever had about myself. I was preparing to compete in a bodybuilding competition the following August, and at that time, my trainer convinced me that “bulking up” by gaining a lot of weight would help me put on the most amount of muscle.  The added weight, slightly disguised my new additions. At the beginning of April 1995, I started dieting to drop body fat for the competition. As the fat melted away (2 hours of cardio – 6 days a week – not how I would do it today!) my breasts appeared to be getting bigger. By the time I competed, I looked like a pencil with boobs, giant boobs!

Fast forward to last week.

A friend I haven’t talked to in a few years, called me. She has been following this blog and my Facebook page. She has known me since the beginning of my “terminal” diagnosis. She’s watched me bring food to events and not eat what everyone else was eating because of my dedication to getting well. She knows how much time and effort I’ve put into keeping myself alive. Many people, included myself, have wondered over the years how I can be so strict with myself and still have cancer. I’ve had countless people tell me how to eliminate the cancer and think I’m ignoring them. With everything I do, why do I still have cancer? My clients will tell you, when they aren’t getting the results I expect for the actions they say they’re taking, I tell them they’re lying. So far, I’ve been lucky and I’ve always been right. I have no tolerance for cheating on diet or actions, because I don’t do it. I believe that if I’m going to say “I did the best I could”, then I’d better do it!

Back to the phone call…She called to tell me about how sick she had been. She did’t have cancer, but a host of other problems. Chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, leaky gut syndrome, joint pain, brain fog… The list went on. There were times she couldn’t get out of bed. I wondered where she was going with her story. Several minutes into it, she said she found out her breast implants were causing the problems. Immediately, tears streamed down my face and chills flushed my entire body. Both responses my body has when I’m hearing a truth. I knew my implants were causing my problems. She explained a lot of reasons why they could be creating the perfect environment for my body to keep growing tumors.

I went to my naturopath and my chiropractor. They both agreed that I need to have explant surgery as soon as possible. So many frames have flashed through my head.

~When my friend Elizabeth, who had inflammatory breast cancer, said her doctor thought her breast implants were causing the cancer. He wanted her to have them removed, but wouldn’t do the surgery until the swelling decreased and her skin was healed. She died before that happened. A year before I met her, I had what appeared to be inflammatory breast cancer. My left breast was almost twice the size of the right one and was missing about 2/3 of its skin.

~The car accident in 1994, where my left breast was bruised from the seatbelt. My plastic surgeon said unless I saw noticeable differences in its size that I should be ok.  Now I read the website

and find out that accident could have damaged the fill port on the implant, causing mold to grow in and around it. Once the mold takes hold in the implant, it then travels throughout the body. They say problems usually start 6-9 years after getting breast implants. My left breast always hurt from the beginning. When my son was born in 1996, nursing from the left side was almost unbearable. My first melanoma diagnosis was in 2000.

The website talks about silicone decomposing and particles going to the liver. In 2004, I found out the cancer had spread to my liver and lymphatic system.  Are they related?  What I know is that many things I’ve read say cancer starts with a fungus overload in the body. My liver and lymphatic system have been sad since 2004. With all the things I do, tumors still show up on a regular basis. This part of the website, tells about ways to detox after the surgery.

At least

I already do most everything on the list and more! All weekend, I’ve been wondering how long ago I might have left the planet if I hadn’t learned and implemented the detoxing I have. If my breast implants are the missing link, how could I possibly get well when the cause of the problem is continually releasing more toxins into my body?

I love myself more than I ever have! My confidence and belief in myself are both higher than they’ve ever been! As I was staring at the wall last night, Cameron came in, knowing I was grieving the impending loss of my ‘girls’  – who had helped my growth in many ways – and said “Mom, don’t think of it as losing your boobs, you’re only losing your implants and they were never YOU, anyway!”

I have decided I am ready and willing to have explant surgery, then go back to Mexico for 2 weeks of detox treatments. I have NO idea how it’$ going to happen, but I know it need$ to happen as $oon as po$$ible. I believe it’s the cause I’ve been missing. I’ll call for consultation appointments in the morning.

I’ll need a new Wonder Woman outfit, but I am still Wonder Woman! I am SO ready to leave the cancer story behind and create my beautiful life!

Love, gratitude and blessings

~SusanWonder Woman 2012 Lighthouse Festival

Enhanced Coffee Enema

Several people asked me this week about how I’m doing my enemas now, so instead of texting them all, posting it here made more sense. Without all the details as to why, the ingredients are what they were looking for.

**** Mineral Enema ****
My doctor in Mexico started me on sodium bicarbonate ivs when I got there. I really wanted a different iv, so I asked if I could put baking soda in an enema and do the other iv instead. He agreed. Drinking baking soda will help to alkalize the body, but it also neutralizes stomach acid and inhibits digestion.  Using it rectally also alkalizes the body, but doesn’t interfere with digestion.

1 t Concentrace liquid trace mineral supplement, 2 t sea salt, 1T baking soda,  in 16 oz purified water.

I am usually able to hold it for 30 minutes. Apparently, my body knows it needs it.

I also use this enema when I return from an intense hike or workout, but add 2oz – 4oz ASEA to it.  My recovery time has drastically reduced since I started doing it.

**** Enhanced Coffee Enema **** Organic Enema Coffee

I usually do 2 every day, but sometimes just the mineral enema, followed by one enhanced coffee enema. Recipe will be for one.

3T organic coffee – boiled for 5 minutes, then simmered for 15 minutes in 32 oz water.  Some of the water will boil off, but that’s okay.  We need the space in the jar for the other ingredients. While the coffee is cooling, I add the other ingredients to a quart size mason jar.

1T Hemp seed oil, 1T Flax seed oil, 1T mct oil, 1T sunflower lecithin, 1/2 t powdered vitamin c, 1 capsule “super enzymes”, 1 capsule B100 complex, 1/2 of a 40,000 heat unit cayenne capsule, 1/2 t Concentrace liquid trace mineral supplement.  I strain the coffee through a metal coffee filter and pour into the jar with the rest of the ingredients.  I shake it around as I’m pouring the entire mixture into the Blendtec or Vitamix to get all of the oil and powders off the side of the jar. Blend on medium or higher for about 15 seconds to emulsify the oils with the sunflower lecithin.
My body is deficient in iodine, so I also add 2 drops Atomidine.  Don’t do this if your iodine levels are good.  It can increase your heart rate.  That’s no fun unless you’re wrestling naked with your best friend!

**** Wheat Grass Enema ****

This is mainly for detox, but is loaded with chlorophyll and contains over 90 minerals, including high concentrations of potassium, calcium, magnesium and sodium.  It is densely packed with nutrients and contains 19 amino acids.  Wheat grass juice helps the body to build red blood cells, which carry oxygen to every cell.

I use 2-4 ounces of freshly pressed wheat grass juice in water to 16 ounces.  I’ve been told to do it straight, but it seems like half of it stays in the enema tube, so I add water.

Today’s focus was getting nutrition in the body as much as detoxing.

Let me know if you have questions!

Love, gratitude and blessings


Wiener Friendly Soap

Ground Floor Opportunity

In all my years writing, you’ve never seen me promote the network marketing companies I’m involved with. I can’t tell you why, I don’t know. Several people sent me the same information about a new company that is launching March 1, selling legal cbd products. Straight cbd products don’t have any thc in them, so they’re legal and won’t interfere with a drug test. The higher cbd strains are what people are using for cancer. I’m hoping it will help cancer people, but won’t know for sure until I/we try it. Like I said, it’s in pre-launch mode, so I have no track record with them. If their products are as good as the research, it will really help a lot of people!  Thank you for looking!

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Love, gratitude and blessings


Hyperbaric Chamber

I think I’ve found the highest quality and most affordable portable hyperbaric chambers.   Check them out.

888-456-HBOT (4268)

And make sure you tell them I sent you!

Love, gratitude and blessings!


Coffee Enema Anyone?

I’ve been asked a few times lately about my “coffee”.  So, here it is…

1quart purified or distilled water       3-4 T organic coffee (I buy whole beans and fine grind 2-3 cups at a time)

Bring to boil for 5 minutes, then simmer for 15 minutes.  Cool to – I don’t know, just let it cool off some.  I then ozonate it for 15 minutes – 30 if it’s still too hot.  I don’t know of anyone else who does that, made it up myself.  Last thing I want to do is burn myself, so I always make sure it’s under 98 degrees.  If I haven’t pooped in  the last 8 hours, I always do a chlorophyll enema first.  If you’ve ever watched me cook, you know I don’t measure anything.  I just fill the enema bag with ozonated water, then pour some liquid chlorophyll in it.  Let gravity work and pour it in.  Hold it 10-15 minutes, then spit it out.  I’ve never had a problem holding it, but probably best to set up camp on the bathroom floor really close to the toilet.  I spilled chlorophyll on a few things – it doesnt wash out.  Good news though, if you shart your pants with chlorophyll still in you, the green is so bright, you can get away with saying you must have sat on something.  No one will ever know.  Plus – are they gonna believe you if you told them you filled your butt with chlorophyll anyway?  Okay, back to the coffee.  Fill the enema bag with the ozonated body temperature or cooler coffee.  Hold it for 15 minutes or more.  I’ve fallen asleep on the bathroom floor, only to wake up an hour later with no need to let anything out of the back door, but a really full bladder.   Amazing how our bodies work!  Probably the best colon/liver/gall bladder cleanse available.  And nobody has to know about it.  Well, not a secret in my world.  There’s lots of information out there as to “why”.  I’ll have more in my book.

Love, gratitude and blessings



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