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Acceptable way to die

When my son was 7, he believed if I died from the cancer, that it was because I chose to. He believed that I had a choice to live or die. Because of his belief, I had a mission to not let that happen. How could I purposefully abandon him?

Now I know, most people don’t think that way, but what if it’s true? When I look at different ways people die, it seems cancer, heart disease, stroke and so many other health problems are a completely acceptable way to die. If a car accident is “someone else’s fault”, that’s an accepted way to die.

Going back to my son’s belief, dying from anything is no different than suicide.

How are you going to exit?

Yesterday, someone I’ve seen around, but had never talked to, died doing something he loved. I don’t believe it was intentional. Nor do I believe that it was stupid. I also don’t believe he was suicidal. I don’t know that we’ll ever understand why some people seem to live forever and some die so young. He was 30 years old and so full of life.

Three weeks ago, a 27 year old friend died, also doing what he loved. He had helped me on several occasions, but I didn’t know him very well. So many questions as to why?! Again, so full of life.

Today, as I spend hours doing alternative cancer treatments – enemas, sweating, oil pulling, dry brushing, full body vibration machine, earthing, prepping food, cleaning the open and swollen tumors, taking care of my organic garden and later, getting in the hyperbaric chamber, I think of these friends who died so young, full of life and healthy.

I can hear both of them saying “Shit, that wasn’t supposed to happen!”

Few people who’ve never been sick, see the utility in dying at the prime of life with no or few health challenges. It sucks that they were so young, but at the same time, I believe that being sick for months or even years and dying in a hospital bed would suck more!

Allowing others who’ve died to take part of my life source through depression won’t bring them back or help me or those around me at all. It’s my job to keep myself as healthy as possible and keep moving forward.

I will continue to do my daily treatments until I’ve been cancer free for a year. Regardless of how long it takes, I know I feel better than most people do. I am worth the time I put into myself!

What if we all take care of ourselves to the best of our abilities, take responsibility for every aspect of our lives, get outside and have as many adventures as we can?

Loving from a distance. It’s what we do when someone leaves our lives, no matter how they leave. We either continue living or can choose to go too. I’m choosing life!

Now to increase my income!

Love, gratitude and blessings




Black Salve ~ Day 4

After my first Gerson coffee yesterday, the pain of the owie greatly diminished. After the second one, I only noticed it if I bumped it. I had 3 separate “healing” sessions, starting about an hour later. I hung out with a friend until around 11 pm and came home. I was only feeling a little pain.  I used an anti inflammatory suppository I made and went to bed. I woke up this morning, also pain free. I’ve been drinking ASEA, spraying it on my owies and applying RENU28 to them. I know it’s made a big difference, but there’s really no way to know what percentage each of the things I’m doing is helping.

I took the bandage off for my shower. I lathered up my hands with Wiener Friendly Soap and reached back and gently washed the back of my neck. It didn’t hurt. The water didn’t even sting. Since I can’t see it and I’m home alone, I decided to leave the bandage off for the day. I could tell by feeling it that it wasn’t open, like it did the last time. I have 2 hot/cold showers most days to get my blood flowing. I’ll describe those details another time 🙂 When I got under the warm shower for the second time, it burned like I had poured scalding water on it! WTF?? Yes, I said it out loud. Nobody was here to hear it. I breathed through it. The owie is producing so much heat, it felt as if the water was being blocked directly over it when I turned the water all the way cold.  No mistaking that I felt how cold it was every where else it touched!

I got the hand mirror out to double back and look in the bathroom mirror. The owie has reacted, but nowhere near as big as it has the last two times I treated it. The majority of shower pain, came from what appears to be an allergic reaction to the tegaderm bandage I used to hold the gauze on. I know I need to cover it, but OUCH, it f’n hurts!


It feels like a cut at the top of where the bandage was 2 days ago. It hurts worse than it looks! 

This picture was taken 10 hours after removing the bandage. I couldn’t get far enough away to show you, but my traps are swollen too. I forgot how much I loved and miss my big traps. I smiled. I grabbed some dumbbells and did some lateral raises and smiled even more. I’ll spray more ASEA and apply more RENU28 before I go to sleep and hope I can bandage it tomorrow.

Like I’ve said before, I believe the pain of black salve and healing process is easier for me, than allowing a doctor to attempt to fix me with a knife. I’ve had to repeat the process, but so have they. I also believe my healing sessions alleviated a significant amount of pain. I’ll tell you about it sometime.

I’m hoping this is my LAST black salve adventure!  Thank you bloodroot, galangal root, sheep sorrel and red clover. Thank you owies for everything you’ve taught me.

Love, gratitude and blessings


Colonoscopy in the sewer- not in me!

Today on our walk, we saw a truck with a flashing light stopped in the middle of the street.  The doors were open in the back. There was a cable coming out of the truck that went into the manhole. We could see the monitor inside the truck.  It looked like a colonoscopy was being performed. We walked into the street to ask the man inside what they were doing. He said the camera was traveling the sewer, looking for cracks and blockages. It wasn’t the storm drain, but the actual sewer.  In the past, workers had to do the job of the camera.  Today, there were two men watching the monitor and one running the camera with what looked like an X-BOX controller. We didn’t get to see any cracks or blockages, but more importantly, didn’t get to see what they would have done if they found problems. At the bottom of the hill, there’s a metal box about the size of a box van. He explained to us that it’s a lift system. The sewers in our neighborhood drain to it, then pumps send it over a mile up another hill until it’s high enough for gravity to allow it to drain to the water treatment plant. image

It was interesting.  It made me think about having a colonoscopy.  My oncologist at Seattle Cancer Care Alliance suggested I have one because of my cancer history.  I had read so many things about disasters with colonoscopies, I was cautious. I told him I would only do it if I could be awake. He said that wasn’t possible, that they always sedate people for the procedure. The nurse came in later trying to tell me I had to have a colonoscopy. I informed her that I didn’t HAVE to do anything and left! About a year later, when I had what felt like a quart of blood dump into the toilet, I decided I still didn’t want to know the details of what might be going on. Instead I got myself on a 10 day juice fasting, bentonite clay, apple pectin colon cleanse.   After a couple days, the bleeding stopped. A few months later, I led 5 of my neighbors through a 5 day fasting colon cleanse. Everyone was happy with how they felt during and after the cleanse. One of my participants called me in a panic and asked me to come over. He was freaked out that his colon had fallen into the toilet, but he felt great! I went over there.  It wasn’t his colon, just a 3 foot poop, with all the bumps and turns of his colon. Everyone who joined me has moved, so no, don’t try to guess who it is 🙂

The camera in the sewer was quite small, with a lot of room to move around. I’ve heard the camera they use for a colonoscopy is also quite small, but our colons aren’t as big as a sewer that a man can fit in!

In 2006, I met Richard. He and I were patients at the Hospital Santa Monica in Rosarito, Mexico. He had gone into a hospital in California for a routine colonoscopy and came out without a colon and an ostomy bag. His signature authorized his doctor to do what he felt was in Richard’s best interest. NO THANK YOU!

A few years ago, I had an acquaintance who had a routine colonoscopy the Monday before Thanksgiving. The doctor ended up cutting through the colon wall when he removed a polyp. He was unaware it happened. Within 2 days, she was very sick and was rushed to the emergency room.  They attempted to do an emergency surgery, but she died.   I had decided when I had my own issue and then again when I met Richard, that I wasn’t interested in ever having a colonoscopy. Her experience confirmed it!

I continue to eat clean and still do coffee enemas. No colonoscopy for me, thank you! Inform yourself before signing on the dotted line.  Don’t follow my lead, unless you want “Patient refuses…” in your chart. Several of those and they stop helping you.

Love, gratitude and blessings



Enhanced Coffee Enema

Several people asked me this week about how I’m doing my enemas now, so instead of texting them all, posting it here made more sense. Without all the details as to why, the ingredients are what they were looking for.

**** Mineral Enema ****
My doctor in Mexico started me on sodium bicarbonate ivs when I got there. I really wanted a different iv, so I asked if I could put baking soda in an enema and do the other iv instead. He agreed. Drinking baking soda will help to alkalize the body, but it also neutralizes stomach acid and inhibits digestion.  Using it rectally also alkalizes the body, but doesn’t interfere with digestion.

1 t Concentrace liquid trace mineral supplement, 2 t sea salt, 1T baking soda,  in 16 oz purified water.

I am usually able to hold it for 30 minutes. Apparently, my body knows it needs it.

I also use this enema when I return from an intense hike or workout, but add 2oz – 4oz ASEA to it.  My recovery time has drastically reduced since I started doing it.

**** Enhanced Coffee Enema **** Organic Enema Coffee

I usually do 2 every day, but sometimes just the mineral enema, followed by one enhanced coffee enema. Recipe will be for one.

3T organic coffee – boiled for 5 minutes, then simmered for 15 minutes in 32 oz water.  Some of the water will boil off, but that’s okay.  We need the space in the jar for the other ingredients. While the coffee is cooling, I add the other ingredients to a quart size mason jar.

1T Hemp seed oil, 1T Flax seed oil, 1T mct oil, 1T sunflower lecithin, 1/2 t powdered vitamin c, 1 capsule “super enzymes”, 1 capsule B100 complex, 1/2 of a 40,000 heat unit cayenne capsule, 1/2 t Concentrace liquid trace mineral supplement.  I strain the coffee through a metal coffee filter and pour into the jar with the rest of the ingredients.  I shake it around as I’m pouring the entire mixture into the Blendtec or Vitamix to get all of the oil and powders off the side of the jar. Blend on medium or higher for about 15 seconds to emulsify the oils with the sunflower lecithin.
My body is deficient in iodine, so I also add 2 drops Atomidine.  Don’t do this if your iodine levels are good.  It can increase your heart rate.  That’s no fun unless you’re wrestling naked with your best friend!

**** Wheat Grass Enema ****

This is mainly for detox, but is loaded with chlorophyll and contains over 90 minerals, including high concentrations of potassium, calcium, magnesium and sodium.  It is densely packed with nutrients and contains 19 amino acids.  Wheat grass juice helps the body to build red blood cells, which carry oxygen to every cell.

I use 2-4 ounces of freshly pressed wheat grass juice in water to 16 ounces.  I’ve been told to do it straight, but it seems like half of it stays in the enema tube, so I add water.

Today’s focus was getting nutrition in the body as much as detoxing.

Let me know if you have questions!

Love, gratitude and blessings


Wiener Friendly Soap

ImageI got a call a few days ago, just 5 hours after my new site went live.  I was asleep with my ringer turned off, but still, it was my first call.  We played phone tag for a couple days, but connected yesterday.  I didn’t ask her if I could write about her, so I’ll call her Ruby.  She had been searching YouTube for information on coffee enemas.  Y’all know, I’m the clean colon queen, but Ruby just discovered it.  She was very thankful for the information in my videos, not having found it anywhere in the past.  Most of the videos I’ve seen, are done by people who have obviously never done it themselves.  The most common directions would have even the most flexible yoga guru struggling to figure it out.  I don’t believe in doing things by directions that don’t make sense, so I figure out a better way and share it so others can benefit too.

Ruby was diagnosed with advanced cancer 2 years ago when she was 78 years old.  I don’t know how old he is, but her husband sounded older than she did on the phone.  Her doctors told her about the possible and probable side effects of the chemotherapy they thought she would benefit the most from.  She believed that if she experienced the side effects, her husband wouldn’t be capable of taking care of her.  She wasn’t ready to check out, but more so, wasn’t interested in the quality of life she’d have from the chemo.  She told me about her diet.  She told me about the home treatments and supplements she’s taking.  She told me about how “they” inject you with radioactive sugar when they do a PET scan to see the increased activity of the cancer cells to determine where and to what extent the cancer is.  I was so excited to hear someone who had not only done their homework, but was taking action to get well!  She didn’t tell me how long they gave her, but since I don’t believe in that crap, I didn’t ask either.  She had questions about the coffee enemas, about the other treatments I do and about her choice for her diet.

Cancer is cancer.  My belief is to detox the body and fill it with nutrients.  My diet is working for me, but that doesn’t mean it will work for everyone.

At 80 years old, Ruby is proactive with her own health.  Her attitude is amazing!  She searched alternative treatments.  She found my YouTube channel and watched several of my videos.  She didn’t mention “How to Avoid Butt Sex”, so she probably missed that one!  She clicked on “About”, found my website, went to “Contact” and called me.  I’m SO proud of her and SO thankful to be her cheerleader!

I made a decision to coach “healthy” people and set up the website.  I know my mortgage and utility companies don’t care, but I will always have room in my heart for cancer patients who can’t afford me.  Keep fighting Ruby!  I love you – beautiful woman!


Love, gratitude and blessings