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Enhanced Coffee Enema

Several people asked me this week about how I’m doing my enemas now, so instead of texting them all, posting it here made more sense. Without all the details as to why, the ingredients are what they were looking for.

**** Mineral Enema ****
My doctor in Mexico started me on sodium bicarbonate ivs when I got there. I really wanted a different iv, so I asked if I could put baking soda in an enema and do the other iv instead. He agreed. Drinking baking soda will help to alkalize the body, but it also neutralizes stomach acid and inhibits digestion.  Using it rectally also alkalizes the body, but doesn’t interfere with digestion.

1 t Concentrace liquid trace mineral supplement, 2 t sea salt, 1T baking soda,  in 16 oz purified water.

I am usually able to hold it for 30 minutes. Apparently, my body knows it needs it.

I also use this enema when I return from an intense hike or workout, but add 2oz – 4oz ASEA to it.  My recovery time has drastically reduced since I started doing it.

**** Enhanced Coffee Enema **** Organic Enema Coffee

I usually do 2 every day, but sometimes just the mineral enema, followed by one enhanced coffee enema. Recipe will be for one.

3T organic coffee – boiled for 5 minutes, then simmered for 15 minutes in 32 oz water.  Some of the water will boil off, but that’s okay.  We need the space in the jar for the other ingredients. While the coffee is cooling, I add the other ingredients to a quart size mason jar.

1T Hemp seed oil, 1T Flax seed oil, 1T mct oil, 1T sunflower lecithin, 1/2 t powdered vitamin c, 1 capsule “super enzymes”, 1 capsule B100 complex, 1/2 of a 40,000 heat unit cayenne capsule, 1/2 t Concentrace liquid trace mineral supplement.  I strain the coffee through a metal coffee filter and pour into the jar with the rest of the ingredients.  I shake it around as I’m pouring the entire mixture into the Blendtec or Vitamix to get all of the oil and powders off the side of the jar. Blend on medium or higher for about 15 seconds to emulsify the oils with the sunflower lecithin.
My body is deficient in iodine, so I also add 2 drops Atomidine.  Don’t do this if your iodine levels are good.  It can increase your heart rate.  That’s no fun unless you’re wrestling naked with your best friend!

**** Wheat Grass Enema ****

This is mainly for detox, but is loaded with chlorophyll and contains over 90 minerals, including high concentrations of potassium, calcium, magnesium and sodium.  It is densely packed with nutrients and contains 19 amino acids.  Wheat grass juice helps the body to build red blood cells, which carry oxygen to every cell.

I use 2-4 ounces of freshly pressed wheat grass juice in water to 16 ounces.  I’ve been told to do it straight, but it seems like half of it stays in the enema tube, so I add water.

Today’s focus was getting nutrition in the body as much as detoxing.

Let me know if you have questions!

Love, gratitude and blessings


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Love, gratitude and blessings


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Love, gratitude and blessings!



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