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What Would You Do?
December 25, 2016, 2:05 am
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Let me start by saying this is just a question. A question of a scenario, not about anyone you may think you know.

You’re coming out of the woods as a patrol car accelerates, then comes to a screeching halt. The officer yells out of the open window “Leash your dog!” as he gets out of the vehicle.He looks like he’s in middle school, but puffs his chest with authority.  You don’t have a leash. What do you do?

  1. Yell “Cops! RUN!!” hoping your pack isn’t spotted and goes deeper into the woods and that the unleashed dog chases them instead of running toward the officer to get butt scratches.
  2. Be honest and apologize and explain to the officer you’re a little messed up on Christmas cheer and forgot the leash.
  3. Simply turn and run back into the woods, knowing unleashed dog will follow you. (I’ve always thought if cops are chasing you on foot, you should at least try to outrun them… unless they have a dog.)
  4. Say to the officer “WHAT?!!” When he yells back, repeating to leash the dog, say
    “Oh my God! You see them too? My dad and his dog have been dead 18 and over 45  years. I’ve had psychics tell me they protect me on my night hikes, but I didn’t know anyone else could see them. I thought seeing them was all in my head. You really can see the dog and my dad?”


    Merry Christmas from one of my favorite places

    Yes, I want to know…What Would You Do?

Love, gratitude and blessings